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How to Open Whatsapp in Laptop or Pc – The Official Ways

💡 – In this video, I will show you, How to open WhatsApp on your laptop or computer. This video is valid for both Windows and macOS. In this video, we will use 2 ways to open WhatsApp on your laptop and both ways are the official ways recommended by WhatsApp, which means both these methods will provide you with the best possible experience to use on your computer or pc(personal computer). In a first way, we will use the web.WhatsApp website to open up our WhatsApp in our browser using the WhatsApp browser native cloud application. This way is the most versatile one because you can open your WhatsApp using this method on any laptop anywhere. Whereas the second method is by downloading and installing the stand-alone software provided by WhatsApp. this method can use the laptop resources more efficiently and hence provide you with better performance and better message sending times. in the end, you can use either method whichever suits you more. About me:I am Hamza Basharat your host for this video. I am a computer engineer and entrepreneur, and run e-commerce stores as my main business and make part-time youtube tutorials. Hope to see you subscribe and hang around on this channel. and feel comfortable asking anything in the comments, I will reply to all my comments from now on. Top Alternate Titles For This Video ;) How to Open Whatsapp in Laptophow to open whatsapp in computerhow to open whatsapp in pchow to open whatsapp in pc windows 7how to open whatsapp in laptop with mobile numberhow to open whatsapp in laptop windows 10how...

How To Add and Find People on Skype in windows 8,7 Vista and Xp (A Quick Guide)

In this tutorial I will show you how you can find & add people on Skype. After you log in to Skype you will find Skype messenger will be opened. On the above left corner of the Skype messenger you will find a tool by the name of Search. Right into the box type the Skype ID of the person you want to add on Skype after searching a little bit it will show you all the relevant id on Skype. If you typed any specific and complete ID of the person you want to add on Skype you will find the exact same Skype ID. But if you are not sure about the name you will find several names on the Skype than you have to use your judgment to find out the one you are looking for. For example the relevant name of city and age. So here is this video you will see the method how you can add and find people on Skype. How to add and find people on Skype for the Windows 8, 7, Vista, Xp and...

Reduce Image/Picture File Size With Paint/Photoshop Without Losing Quality

In this tutorial we are going to take a look at how can we significantly reduce the size of our image files and pictures. There can be several reasons you might want to do, sometimes you take pictures with your dslr and then when you download those images to your computer, they turn out to be really big size and it gets harder to share those photos with your friends because of its large size. Other then that you might have some images and pictures that you want to upload to your own website and as we all know larger images causes the website to slow down, so its always a good practice to upload the images with the smallest file size possible. Anyway there can me million reasons you want to do this, So lets get to the point i will show you guys two ways to do this. One is for everyone beginners and experts both can use it and that is reducing the image file size using Microsoft Paint. The second method we are going to take a look at is for those who have photoshop, its not compulsory that you should know how to use photoshop in order to reduce the picture size because its really easy after watching me do it you can easily do that. So What you will see in the video below is two methods to reduce the image size. 1. Reduce image file size using mspaint 2. Reduce image file size using photshop...

ZenMate VPN – Up and Running With ZenMate VPN

If you want to surf anonymously or want to open blocked sites. zenmate is one of the best and fast way to secure your privacy online or to Unblock blocked Websites. zenmate is a chrome extension and it is very easy and simple in use just on one Click in this article I will show you how can we get zenmate and get up with it in no time. Follow simple steps to up and running with zenmate. Step (1) : To up and running with zenmate Open Google Chrome and go to and write zenmate. The first link will appear is of web store Click on that link. Step (2) : To up and running with zenmate It will open a page where you can add extension to chrome Click on that Free button. After that it will ask you to add extension there Click on ADD to add. Step (3) : To up and running with zenmate It will add zenmate at to right corner of Chrome browser and it will require a email address for secure browsing enter any email address you like and it will generate a password for that and you can change it. After writing email address Click on Get Secured Now. and then Click on Got it. Step (4) : To up and running with zenmate Now Click on the icon on top right and then you just have to toggle the options to on and off. After that you will be able to access blocked websites and hide your privacy. we started a guide to help people related to everything about Facebook you...

How to Get Saved Button on Facebook

Saved! is a new feature that Facebook has introduced, by this you can save pages, places, books, movies and other things you wanna see later. It is very organized feature, it’s divided in different categories having books, music, TV etc. Its simple and useful feature. lets see how it works if you don’t know. I explained it in simple steps for your better understanding. Simple steps to show how it works. Step (1) : How to Get Save Button on Facebook On my Facebook you can see on the left side of Facebook a new Saved button is appearing. Open your Facebook and then go to any page you like. Step (2) : How to Get Save Button on Facebook On page you have to Click on three dots icon on page cover and then Click on Save. After that go to your Facebook. Step (3) : How to Get Save Button on Facebook Now you will see the Saved button on your Facebook. Click on that Button. Step(4) : How to Get Save Button on Facebook After Clicking you will be redirected to the page where you will be able to see all your saved things on Facebook, its is private no other will be able to see your saved things. we started a guide to help people related to everything about Facebook you find difficult, you can ask questions if you want more help which is not explained before<<Ask Question>> That was about it, for better under standing, watch the video given below. Let us know what you guys think in the comments below, or if you...

How to Change Your Primary Email Address on Facebook – Simple Steps

If you changed your email address due to any reason, you might also wanna change it on your Facebook to get notification on new one. If you don’t know how to do that this article will help you. I explained in simple steps, how to change your primary email address on Facebook.   Step (1) : How to Change Your Primary Email Address on Facebook Open your Facebook and go to the top right corner and Click on icon a drop down will appear then click on Settings like shown in image below. Step (2) : How to Change Your Primary Email Address on Facebook Here in general settings you will see the Email option click on Edit in front of Email. Step (3) : How to Change Your Primary Email Address on Facebook It will show you the options here Click on Add another email option it will show you the bar where you have to write new email id and Password at the end and then Click on Save Changes button. it will send you email on your newly added email id. Step (4) : How to Change Your Primary Email Address on Facebook After that you have to open confirmation email which Facebook had send to your email address to confirm, here click on Click Here button to confirm like i did on my gmail account. This will activate our current account and take you to settings page.   Step (5) : How to Change Your Primary Email Address on Facebook Refresh the page and Click on Edit in front of Email again,  Here choose the second email address you added and write the Password at the end and click...
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