A4Tech V-Track Wireless Gaming Mouse R4

A4Tech V-Track Wireless Gaming Mouse R4

A4Tech V-Track Wireless Gaming Mouse R4

We lives in 21st century and every one wants to enjoy their life’s  by using  technology. Because it help us in a different ways as Computer is the most popular machine. which help us to reduce our work and A4Tech V-Track Wireless Gaming Mouse R4 input device which  give you a powerful new way to work with your computer.

A4Tech V-Track Wireless Gaming Mouse R4

A4Tech V-Track Wireless Gaming Mouse R4 is One of the Top Gaming Mouse, an X7 Winner’s Choice is A4Tech V-Track Wireless Gaming Mouse R4.It has high end, gaming friendly specifications which will give you the ultimate Gaming experience that you ever wished for you can configure as you like and rock in your gaming world.If you are looking for a gaming mouse then this a Good option to consider for your next gaming mouse without the hassle of wires. A variety of exciting free A4Tech V-Track Wireless Gaming Mouse R4 apps inside A4Tech V-Track Wireless Gaming Mouse R4 Dock are available through its official download package.

Features & Benefits

Smooth and accurate tracking anywhere: innovative V-Track technology utilizes vertical ray which goes deep into the details of all surfaces. Guaranteed smooth and accurate tracking anywhere. Enjoy the best precision during the game-play No lag technology: provides the smoothest cursor motion during game play 20 m operating range: adjustable between 15 and 20 meters (** Far operating range setting provides best RF quality) Super-Combo7: custom macros with 7 fully programmable buttons; Perform stunts to win the games effortlessly 5 modes selection: set up custom macros for your games in each mode 160 K onboard memory: stores custom macros to perform them at any time High sensitivity up to 3000 CPI: you can shift from pixel-precise targeting (100 CPI) to lightning-fast maneuvers (up to 3000 CPI) in each mode 2 ms response, 4X more smoothly: designed with extreme fast report rate up to 500 Hz

Package contents:
V-track Wireless gaming mouse
USB extension cable
2 AA alkaline batteries
CD (5-Mode Oscar Editor, user manual)

Acceleration: 30 G/sec
IPS speed: 75 inch/sec
Report rate: 125_250_500Hz (2 ms)
Key switch response time: 3 ms (Regular mouse: 16ms)
Sensitivity: 100~3000 CPI (5 free-adjustable levels)
Default sensitivity:400 – 800 – 1200 – 1600 – 3000 CPI

Although you might have to buy new batteries every month as it entirely dependent on those batteries but No doubt, A4Tech V-Track Wireless Gaming Mouse R4 is an worth having digital device in your toolbox.That’s why we added it in our tools shelf and we also made an unboxing video of it:

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