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Welcome to TheHelptimes About me page, after reading this page you will better understand us and our services and may want to become a permanent part of our community and join us on different social networking services.

About TheHelptimes

Ok lets take a first step towards understanding us, our aims,our serveries and the background behind TheHelptimes, First we will cover the main thing that is what is  TheHelptimes? why it is made? and what’s its aim? and  what can it do for you.TheHelptimes is Internet Marketing Blog and online helping service center, in blog we write useful articles on improving your online life related to social media(facebook, twitter, youtube etc.), blogging, useful techniques, all info about latest mobiles, what’s hot and important on internet, how you can improve your online business and all possible ways to earn money online. In services we offer you realtime online free and paid services like favicon creator,  url shortener, currency changer, guest post, software download,  A to Z website building, data recovery, logo design, video design, photo editing, video editing, image hosting and alot of other and more to come.

Why we created TheHelptimes

As online world population is increasing as the fire in the forest, so is the problems and scenarios.As you will read in the Team behind TheHelptime section below you will come to know that we personally struggled alot to find honest, real and most importantly supportive services and communities on the internet. Moreover we really needed someone to help us in problems we were having and give us useful information that could save us alot of time but we were unlucky about that and we hit and trial alot and after having some bad experience with now very popular blog on the internet we planed to make something that we missed at our times a true platform to help people like they belong to it.So, we helped some people and we get a great response then we created TheHelptimes.

 Team behind TheHelptimes

I am Hamza Basharat from pakistan, and i’m studding computer engineering from lancaster university Uk.From the start i have unusual interest in computer and internet world, so from the age of  13 i stared learning different things and start experimenting  what people say and write about, sometime around then i got addicted to this tech world and start considering computer my girlfriend :) as it never cheated on me. I start spending all night sitting on my laptop, searching and reading different Ebooks, watching video tutorials and all this and that.Then i got involved with a blog of my so called partner until his blog got famous and he start treating me like a joker then i left off that blog and discuss a plan with my classmate Talha Hamid(who is also a computer engineer) about creating TheHelptimes and after that my brother(Sufyan basharat) also got involved too and they all agreed upon it and we starting working on TheHelptimes. Now we are here providing you with plenty of awesome articles and services and 24/7 support about any problem or question you might have, and offering you many many great services with 100% happiness guaranteed :)