Hamza Basharat

youtube: Hamza BasharatGoogle+: Hamza Basharattwitter: Hamza BasharatFaceBook: Hamza BasharatHey guys, I am Hamza Basharat and Welcome to my services and about me page. Well I am a Geek, i mean i’m from thatHamza Basharat group of people who love computers and technology, and my hobby is to find problems, then research for the solution and help people with what i have learned. So, I have learned so many things in the past couple of years about computers, software and other tech stuff and i try to help people with my knowledge on this blog by answering their questions on our forums and by writing informative articles. Apart from this helping community, I also work on different paid designing, developing, marketing and consultancy projects for people who contact me for my services, So here I will list some basic services I offer.

Design Services

I am a self-taught designer and coder. With over 3 years of experience designing websites and print materials, I strive to make each project unique and perfectly tailored for your vision and requirements.

I am available for hire for the following services:

Website Design, Specializing in WordPress Blogs

All my websites are coded with HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. They are standards-compliant and cross-browser compatible. Although WordPress is my preferred CMS, I am also proficient with SquareSpace, Joomla, and Drupal.

A basic WordPress package includes the following:

a main page and 3 other pages (such as “About,” “Contact,” etc)

3 design mock-ups to choose from

up to 3 revisions after coding begins

an extensive document with details on how to access and make changes to your site, all the necessary information needed to keep the site up and running, etc

full email support for up to 30 days after the site goes live

Prices starting at $200.

Photo and Video Editing

I will take all requests into consideration when retouching your photos, whether it be color correction, spot removal, line/wrinkle smoothing, or even some digital weight loss. ;-) You may also choose to specify the mood of the photograph, from soft and dreamy to sharp and confident. I also offer advance photo-effects which will totally change the look and feel of your image and will take your photo to the next level but advance effects might add some extra cost. All photo retouching includes up to 3 revisions.

Prices starting at $10.

And if you have some memorial videos which you love and want to make a movie out of them so that your great videos become something even more greater or if you are just looking for some kind of special effect in your video or anything related to video, you can contact me and we will talk.

Prices starting at $20.

Consultancy and Training

Additional services including, but not limited to:

WordPress migration/installation

Website debugging

Website Constancy

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) training

Social Media Branding training

Basic programming training via Skype

WordPress training via Skype

Adobe products training via Skype

Discuss Some idea or problem via Skype

Prices starting at $10/hr.

More samples of my work, as well as references, are available upon request.


Would you like to request a quote? Please shoot me a message using our contact form!