Talha Hamid

youtube: Talha Hamidtwitter: Talha HamidGoogle+: Talha HamidFaceBook: Talha HamidTalha HamidHello! guys, I am Talha Hamid. I am a computer engineer. I choose that Profession due to my interest in computer and Technology and I like to read things on web when you read thing and get some knowledge sometimes you want to share things with others so that other can get any help if they want. I found web the best place to search about solutions of any problem I find, and then writing about them. And people liked it, so i felt wow that’s great. Now that’s how I started things on web. I learned different programming languages from engineering  and designing and editing courses with online lectures and reading. I love to write blogs. And do things like internet marketing, Web-development and other software related things.