Best Five usable Google Extensions of the Week (2014) You May Like

  • Top Five Google Extension you may like
    These are the Apps which make your life easier.
    Checker Plus for Gmail
    If you receive and send a lot of emails by different Google accounts then you have to open a separate window to manage a account. There is a Google extension (Checker Plus for Gmail) which can make your life easier. With the help of this App you will get instantly notification and can manage multiple accounts without opening and logging in separately. You can delete and compose emails in no time.
  • Checker Plus for GmailThere are many options available like you can set the different sounds for different emails and more.

  • Checker plus for Gmail

    TabCloud is very useful Google Extension. Through this you can save any open Tab bars (window sessions) of Google chrome in the software and restore those on the different dates and in different device. This means that whenever you want to open all those tabs you are just a click away. You can save as many tab bars as you want. Software works pretty simple just log in through your Gmail account and you are good to go.
    you can save multiple windows and can delete unwanted windows by clicking on the button of TabCloud. Once the App opens up click on the save window icon to save the current window sessions and you will find there minus sign in case you wanted to close the session. Once you have saved the window session then you can restore the same session by clicking on to the Plus icon.
  • TabCloud


  • Users who are familiar with the productivity app they might have the Idea what Todoist do. If you are not aware then it is a app which manage your personal tasks and help you to create the too do list. This App works as personal task manger and very easy to understand. It can work with multiple devices like desktop, web-browser, e-mail and mobile. There is built in calendar you can set the important dates according  to your needs. There is also a features which will text you and email you as a task reminder more then 3 Million people are already using this App and making there days productive. You can use this app by just logging in  by Google account. You can set the priority by clicking on priority flags. It will show you  your weekly performance by graphs and weekly trends.
  • Todoist


TimeStast is an information App. It will provide you the information on which websites you have spend most of  your time in the graphical form. So that later on you will analyse where you spend most of your time. It will provide you the website names and the consumed time on each website. It is a good App to analyse how much time you have spend on entertainment and how much time on serious stuff.Timestats

  • TimeStats
    If you are related to online buying stuff then this App may attract your attention. Honey App will provide you the discount codes which you can use them for online shopping. It will automatically indicate you whether  it has the discount code for the selected websites by changing its color. It will save your hassle to search the codes online on different sites. Just open the supported website and click on the honey button and find out for any available discounts and sales. Just go to your normal check in process and click on the honey button it will automatically apply the codes on the website and you will receive the discount there. This App is currently working in United States, Canada, United kingdom and India and all those sites which are serving global customers.
    It is mostly supported with all the famous websites like Amazon,Ebay and many more.
  • Honey
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