Best Image Formats For Web

Best Image Formats For Web

IMAGE FORMAT: we first discussed the importance of the optimization of the image.which will help in reducing the loading time for the website.After that suitable image format also plays a vital role in boosting up the website loading speed.We should use the  JEPG, PNG and GIF format which depends on the type of the image and size.

Small Discription and guildines for each format:

JPEG(Joint photographic experts group)

This format is build for fine art-work and for camera photographs.We should use JPEG images whenever we are displaying a true-colour-image.Note that if we are using a compression software to reduce the file size we should use a 50% compression rate for appropitate results.

GIT(Graphic interchage format)

The GIF format is attached with the history of internet due to its small size.GIF ones will integrate a maximum of 256 colours while as JPEG images support millions of colour at a time.

Logos and text images are suitable to be used in this also support animated images.

PNG(Portable network graphics)

To replace GIF images on internet  a PNG format was  created.PNG support 24 bit colours and alpha transparency where as GIF only support 256 colours.we should use PNG format for simple images which require more than 256 colours.

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