Boost up your Computer Speed

Boost up your Computer Speed

People complains about the  Computer Speed.The main reason behind this   is when you purchase a computer 0r a Laptop  with   for example 1000 Gb hard drive.At that time the computer hard is completely  empty.There is no Data instead of just Windows Files.When we keep Adding the Data in the hard drive it will Effect the speed of the processor.There are four basic things i am going to tell you about how to increase your computer speed.

1st: Always delete the unnecessary  data  files from  hard drive .

2nd: Do not  make Folders on desktop page. Only make one or 2 folder on desktop.It will increase your start up speed.After doing this computer need less time to Start the windows,you can feel the difference after doing this.

3rd: open your run bar from Start menu.Or you Can Just Press Start+r Key Together to open. At the run bar type a file name “msconfing” after typing  this press enter .A Small window will open where you can see tabs like  General ,boot Services,start up etc. Go to start up and un tick  all those files which you think are irrelevant.Like yahoo messenger, Skype. These are the Files which automatically started when computer starts. If you stop all the files to automatically open then i will also increase the start up speed.

4rth: Use system tune up and cleaning software, there are many free software’s out there specially developed to increase the computer speed popular of them are  Advanced SystemCare and CCleaner.You can download these by using these links for free.


If you know More things to increase the Speed of your Computer please share with us.

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