Can Smart Phone Cameras Replace Digital Cameras

Can Smart Phone Cameras Replace Digital Cameras

This question is becoming common, that digital cameras can be replaced by the cameras of smart phones, because of quickly increasing resolution and quality of smart phone cameras. Many articles are written on it during few months. And this is fact, because now our smart phones take pictures almost like digital cameras. Professional photographers are not agreeing this statement, but a common man like me think that why should I buy digital camera, if I have a smart phone with a high resolution camera and it fulfill my requirements.

The iPhone 4S may not look that different from the iPhone 4 on the outside, but the internal components have been upgraded across the board. The iPhone 4S’s camera also features an improved lens. It uses a five-element design and has a maximum aperture of f/2.4, which lets in 50 percent more light than the f/2.8 lens found on the iPhone 4

Picture quality

When you use smart phone cameras u can easily recognize its stunning picture quality. When we take photos normally our photos are out of focus, blurred and other things. But in latest smart phones there focus is out class. In that key focus on key is great you can see even drops very clearly on it. That’s why I thought smart phones can replace digital cameras

iphone camera focus

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iphone camera detail

Smart phones pixels

It is said that phones took only low-resolution pictures, but now they can rival just about any point-and-shoot digital camera. Several phones include 16-megapixel cameras. One megapixel is plenty for snapshots to post on the web. Seven megapixels is plenty to print an 8-by-10 photo. So just about any current phone model, regardless of whether it is a smartphone, has enough resolution for the normal photos

Making Movies

Short video clips are rapidly becoming popular as they show more interaction with the subject than a snapshot. Most new digital cameras can also take movies, and in high definition. Many people don’t realize that some cell phones can also take movies, and some even can make them in 1080p high definition. In you tube you can see many clips, or videos which are made by phones and they have great results.

My review

Phone cameras are improving rapidly and there results are very great but off-course they can’t replace the professional cameras because they have their place. But instead of normal digital camera we can use new smart- phone cameras

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