Completely Remove Annoying Toolbars Search/Settings from Chrome

Completely Remove Annoying Toolbars Search/Settings from Chrome

Annoying toolbars and search engines  get installed into the browser without the user knowing about it, these free and some what spammy things are pain in the ass for many users who want there browsers to have just what they like, maintaining your computer and browser from these things needs a little attention but it saves you from alot of trouble later, to help you with this in this article we will show you how you can keep your google chrome browser clean. Follow these steps

  1. Open up chrome and go to the tree tiles icon on the top right corner of your browser (Go to: Customize and control icon>>Tools>>Extensions) Remove all the unwanted extensions from there.
  2. Lets say you have babylon toolbar and search engine set to default now we take it as an example and change the settings to our desired ones, So (Go to: Customize and control icon>>Settings )
  3. First, change the on start up settings, click on set pages and remove the one already there like in our case it will be baylon homepage remove it and now add as start up page or any website you want.(You can also select where i left of setting, this is what i use)
  4. Now next under appearance, Click on change under Show home Button, and set your desired website as your home page.
  5. Lastly under search click on mange search engines and set google as your default search engine and then remove the babylon search engine or any other unwanted search engines form there.

That’s it now you customized your chrome browser as you needed, if you still found this process hard to follow then i have also created a Video waking you guys with this process.

Video Tutorial

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