DIGITAL SALVATION is Facebook’s latest feature

DIGITAL SALVATION is Facebook’s latest feature

As we all know that there is a lot of stuff on the face site but could not manage the time to see all that Stuff.Now Facebook has announced a cure for that


“Everyday,people find all sorts of interesting items on Facebook that they do not have time to explore right away,” Said Facebook software engineer Daniel Giambalvo in a Blog Post.

Now you are able to Store all the Stuff you want to see in your free time. Videos, Pictures, Links, Movies, and Music can be Stored. Now you can save the item you wanted to see in your free time.

Now you have an additional option in the drop-down menu button in the top left of the posts to save the valueable stuff to your to-do list. The stored stuff can be retrieved by going in the menu  on the top left corner od the website, There are Periodic reminders of what is in there in to your news feeds.Throught this facebook can sell more advertisement.

This Feature will be active for user’s in next few days.






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