Enhance/Improve the Video Quality of Your Screen Casting/Production

Everybody is using internet now a days, and videos are the great way to deliver your message in an interactive way. Then there are different videos types, like film, vlog and screen casting. You can use a DSLR, camcoder or even your smart phone to create films and vlogs. And screen casting can be done by just using a simple software like camtasia studio or snagit, that’s what makes screen casting the easiest of the all. But sometimes we forget that the quality of our production is as much important as the message we are trying to deliver through our video. So there are some fundamental things that you can do to ensure the good quality of your production.

  • Use good gear to record your video, like Dslr’s and high-end camcoders. In case of screen casting use some professional piece of software like camtasia studio or snagit to record your computer screen.
  • Always record in HD.
  • After you have recorded your video use any industry standard software to edit, tweak and add interesting visual effects. I recommend using Adobe primer pro, sony vegas and camtasia studio.
  • Add creative starting and ending clips to show that you are serious about your work. Its also good for branding.
  • After you have done all that, now make sure to render your video in best format possible, do a little research on what kind of format will work best for you. For me Quicktime h.264 encoder work fine, and give best quality to file size ratio.
  • Never lose hope, try to be consistent with your production and their will be alot of things that you will learn with time. And believe me hard work always pays off.

Now I will present you with some videos that I have created to help you guys to improve the quality of your videos. screen casting

This can Drastically Improve the Video Quality

Biggner’s Guide to Screen Casting


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