Facebook Profile Picture Hack

Facebook Profile Picture Hack

Summery: In this tutorial i will show you, how can you see and download any profile picture despite the profile picture security is enabled or not, apart from that this tutorial will also help you improve your browsing experience on facebook as you will see in the video.

Unlink other methods of doing the same thing(which involves inspecting element and copy pasting the code), this trick is really simple and state forward just follow the steps.

  1.  This trick is done by a simple Google chrome extension add on, “photo zoom for Facebook” search for it in the chrome webstore or simple get it from here.
  2. Add the add on to your chrome browser, settings page will appear saying the add on is activated.
  3. Now go to Facebook and open up any profile which has profile picture security enabled and move your mouse cursor over its profile picture.
  4.  Then you will see a loading icon and in no time you will see that profile picture in its fullest as it was uploaded.
  5. you can also download it by right clicking and then going the photo zoom for Facebook and clicking on download this photo.

that was it, to make it clear for you guys and show you how you can benefit from this plugin apart from seeing secured profile pictures watch the video for that trick here.

Video Tutorial

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