Facebook Security Tips: Stay Protected

Facebook Security Tips: Stay Protected

Facebook has become important to our social lives. Its up to us that how we manage and protect our precious accounts. There is a group of evil-minded people out there who are always trying to get benefits from your mistakes  (known as hacker). So in this interesting article you will learn that to keep yourselves protected in this World of Technology.


1-Use Antivirus from Facebook AV Market Place:

Always make sure that you have installed best and update antivirus on your PC. Many hackers use Phishing method (Fake-Pages) to hack Facebook Accounts. Antivirus not only prevent you from these attacks but also keep you save from Keylogers and Trojans etc.

Facebook also knows importance of antivirus software that’s why they come up with “AV Market Place”. Here you can get top class antivirus software with licences.


2-Use Secure Connections “//https:”

Facebook has a option to browser on secure options which means that whole information between the servers and browsers will be encrypted. Thus, hackers cannot steal your sessions and passwords as they are encrypted.
To do this goto your Account Setting—>Security and check the first option as shown below:


3-Manage Your Passwords:

It’s hard to believe that many common people use their phone-numbers, names, address etc as their password which anyone can guess. Always select a unique password which has upper-case letters and numbers. You can easily check that how strong is your password, just goto this site: http://howsecureismypassword.net/

Also make sure that you don’t store your passwords to your browsers. Whenever you sign in your browser ask to save password, don’t do that at all.


4-Keep Your Privacy level high:

By keeping your privacy level high you can easily decrease the chances of being hacked. Sometimes our Phone numbers, Date of birth etc are enough for hackers. Only share and communicate with the people you know best.

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