Free Facebook Ad Coupon – Big Break for Small Business

Free Facebook Ad Coupon – Big Break for Small Business

Facebook-big-break-for-small-business-300x300looking for Free Facebook Ad Coupon to promote your business or website then here is a good news for you.

American Express and Facebook have joined forces in the name of helping small businesses. Enter the Big Break for Small Business promotion for a chance to win $25,000 and house calls from American Express and Facebook branding experts to help launch an effective Facebook marketing campaign.

As tends to be the case with any small business promotion sponsored by Facebook, there’s one additional carrot: FREE FACEBOOK ADVERTISING!

As Facebook is promoting and sponsoring  any small business in fact Facebook advertising it for free  (FREE FACEBOOK ADVERTISING!)

Of course, it’s not as easy as clicking a link to get that free advertising. You’ll need to follow some certain procedure and show some patience.

1:  Sign Up for the Big Break for Small Business Promotion

Go here to get started. It’s a “three step” process that involves details about your business and why you think you’re worthy of winning $25,000. Set aside 5-10 minutes.

2: Watch Four Videos

The final step involves watching four Facebook marketing videos that you’ve probably already watched before (I have). Set aside about an hour to watch them, or do what I did and allow the videos to play in the background while you do actual productive things.

3:  Get the Facebook Ad Coupon Code

A few things here… First, once you complete all of the necessary steps, you’ll be eligible to receive a $50 Facebook advertising coupon code. If you are an American Express cardmember or merchant, you’ll be given a $100 coupon code.

Finally, don’t expect to receive this code until July sometime. It may not even be until the end of July (I received an email that says “before July 31, 2012″). So I hope you weren’t wondring to use it today. I guess that would be crazy talk.

That’s IT!

Okay, that was pretty much a pain in the butt. But I guess the $50 or $100 should be worth it. And if you win the $25,000, well… You’ll consider that painful hour well spent.

Good luck!

Note: Small businesses should entered the competition up until the 7/15/12 deadline

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