How To Access Blocked Websites

How To Access Blocked Websites

Why you might want to access blocked websites?

Though most schools, colleges and universities claim to have Wi-Fi enabled campus, most of them block students from accessing social-networking websites like Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, HiFi & Twitter and other popular websites, including Youtube, Photobucket and Flickr. Same is the case in offices where workers are disabled from using any of these websites so that their efficiency doesn’t suffer. Furthermore, in some cases the service provider(ISP) itself blocks certain websites due to some issues, so users are unable to access those blocked websites.Some websites are blocked in certain countries due to different reasons.So, the questions remains how to access blocked websites.

Fortunately, there are a number of methods you can use to access any blocked website. Sometimes a particular method might not work on a certain blocked website, so you may need to try some other method for unblocking that blocked website. However, you should be careful while gaining access to restricted websites as you might have to face serious consequences if your school/college authorities or your employer finds out about it.

you can use two approaches to access blocked websites

  1. Using some software’s made specifically for this purpose
  2. Using online methods and techniques
By using some software’s made specifically for this purpose

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is a personal VPN client and online service that lets users browse the Internet anonymously by acting as a firewall and server between your PC and your ISP. The Best thing about CyberGhost VPN is that is comes with free survive also and believe me it is better then any other free service out there right now. It lets you surf the Web normally while hiding your IP address and displaying a dead-end address. It’s available in free and premium versions; the free version can only be installed on one PC and only one account can be activated on each computer, whereas the premium account offers more options and features.

Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN is a versatile internet security and privacy solution. In addition to protecting you from dangerous online threats, it also protects your privacy and enables you to access any blocked websites and content. Our VPN client is available both as a free VPN service and a paid Hotspot Shield Elite subscription.


UltraSurf is the product from UltraReach which fights against Internet censorship and help to access blocked websites. UltraSurf allows users living in strict countries with heavy censorship to visit public web sites around the world freely and safely. It allows users to freely surf just as they would regularly, while it browses for the fastest proxy servers.Moreover UltraSurf  is the most used software for this purpose because it is simple and easy, you just need to download it and run it straight away and enjoy the whole www.


This program will allow you to hide your IP while you are surfing the web indirectly allow to access blocked websites. It has support for instant messaging, streaming A/V, e-mail, download managers, etc. GPass will help you and your applications bypass Internet blocking by protecting your IP. It features a very easy user friendly interface.


FreeGate provides an internet client software which is fast and secure. FreeGate allows users to internationally access the web with as much speed as their local sites. It does not need any installation and will not change your system settings. FreeGate works synergistically with DynaWeb, similar to a proxy network system using p2p, allowing you to access blocked websites.

Garden GTunnel

GTunnel is an application for Windows that works as a local SOCKs or HTTP proxy server. After placing the settings to GTunnel in your browser and other applications which use Internet, your traffic will be run through GTunnel and its proxy server farm before reaching the intended destination.


Jap allows users to surf the Internet unobservably and anonymously. Typically, when a computer user wants to access a website, your traffic will request directly from your computer to its destination. JAP forces any traffic you generate to take a detour, making you connect to some intermediary sites called Mixes. JAP uses a set of sequence for the aforementioned mixes. These sequences of different mixes are called Mix Cascades. Users are allowed to choose from the variety of mix cascades available, sounds complex don’t worry simply it also allow you to access blocked websites.

By using online methods and techniques:

Proxy Servers

There are a number of proxy servers using which you can  access blocked websites. A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers and hides your IP address in the process. However you should be careful while using proxies since they can record your login details, credit card number etc.

Anyway, here is a list of some of the most popular free online proxy server providers to access blocked websites, there are several others you can google them:






Site IP Address

If using proxy servers doesn’t work, which is rare, you can also try to access blocked websites using their IP address. Simply type the IP address of the website instead of the URL in your browser’s address bar. To find the IP address of any website, visit  webipaddress.

Online Translators

You can use popular free online translators such as Google Translator also referred Google Language Tools  which allow you to translate text as well as any website into your desired language. In order to access blocked websites, you need to enter the website URL in the “Translate a web page” column and select English to English(Make sense ;) ) in the language selector box since you intend to read the website in English itself. Click on translate and the webpage will appear as if it is inside the Google Translator page. But shortly we achieved what we wanted, we have been able to unblock the website quite easily.

URL Redirection

You can use URL redirection services like TinyURL, Bitly or are several others) to shorten the URL of the blocked website and then use that URL to access blocked websites whenever you want. Taking the example of Snipurl, you simply need to open the URL of the blocked website in the “Long URL” tab and then click on “Snip It” button. You will be provided with a shortened snpit URL address, something like You need to copy that URL and save it down somewhere.So, Whenever you need to unblock the website in the future, simply enter the above URL in your browser address bar and you will be able to access the website.

 Cached Pages

Many popular search engines like Google cache pages of each and every website they index. Basically cached pages are simply pages with the content of the website but without the style sheet elements(Like computer in safe mode lol). In order to view these cached pages, you simply need to enter the URL of the blocked website in Google or Yahoo Search. Earlier cached pages used to appear right below every website when you searched for anything on Google. Now, things are bit changed, you need to hover over the website and click the right arrow. You will get a preview of the website, with “Cached” and “Similar” written right above the preview. Click on “Cached” to indirectly gain access to the blocked website.

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