How To Add Facebook Commenting System To Your Website/Blog

How To Add Facebook Commenting System To Your Website/Blog

Everybody loves facebook

Facebook is now the no.1 place where people spend most of their online time and interact with each other,  they care about their facebook profiles like it is the most important thing in their online life.Well, it is true and that is why all the internet marketers consider it the second big source of traffic after Google.There are also so many reasons that many bloggers want to integrate their website with facebook so that they could take full advantage of  the power of facebook.In this tutorial i will show you how you can easily integrate facebook commenting system to your website.

Follow the steps

  1. We are going to use a straightforward approach by just using facebook new build-in functionality
  2. First go to this URL: ( or click here
  3. There you will find a box that you need to edit according to your website
  4. You Should have a facebook app to get your integrable code(creating a facebook is incredibly easy, click here and create a new app)
  5. After clicking on get code you will see two codes first code will look like this ( First Code )

    This will be unique for your site.

  6. You need to insert this first code in the body tag of your website
  7. And second code will look like this (Second Code)
    <div class="fb-comments" data-href="" data-num-posts="2" data-width="470"></div>

    and this also will be different for your site.

  8. You need to add this code in your theme structure where you want your comments to appear.
  9. If you have followed all the steps correctly then you have successfully integrated facebook comments in your site.
  10. If you find any ambiguity following these steps then watch our video demonstration explaining all these steps:

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