How to Convert RAR to Zip

How to Convert RAR to Zip

RAR and Zip files are actually data containers, they store one or several files in the compressed form. Its very useful to store data in RAR and Zip files.

Some beginners find difficulties converting files into RAR or Zip format and  if they had to change RAR files into Zip files or vice verse. so, we are here to help them. Now i am going to show you how to convert RAR to Zip or store files in RAR and Zip format.

The simple and easy software which I use to convert RAR to Zip files is WinRAR .

Step 1

Download WinRAR software from its official site: or any other of your choice.

step 2

Right click on the file you want to compress and choose the option “Add to archive” a window will appear like this:

How to Convert RAR to Zip

Choose the file destination and the file format in which you want to convert. Then press “OK” this will covert your file into RAR or Zip.

Step 3

If you want to covert RAR to Zip file format or vice verse follow this step.

Right click on file you want to convert and click on “Extract files” a window will appear like this:

How to Convert RAR to Zip

Choose the destination path. Then press “OK”, that will convert your file into simple windows folder. After that you can convert this file from RAR to Zip by following step 2.

These are different websites which convert your files RAR to Zip and any other format.


Convert Files



Hope This will help you.


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