How To Create a Facebook Account

How To Create a Facebook Account

Facebook the most famous social media website. which has 1.23 billion monthly users and 757 million daily users and increasing on daily basis. It is the place you can keep in touch with your every one  you want to, you can make communities enhance your business by making pages for marketing and a lot of other stuff you can do on Facebook. If you don’t know, how to create a Facebook account? and how to use it?. we are here to help you, we will show you in simple steps how to create Facebook account.

Lets create a Facebook account for you.

step 1

Open Facebook on any browser you like and fill a form given on Facebook to create a Facebook account, as shown in fig and then click on ‘Sign up’ button. If you don’t have email account and want to create one you can read the article ‘How to create a Gmail account‘ with video demonstration.

How To Create a Facebook Account

Step 2

After sign up it will take you to another page like every website to get details about in three steps like shown below. we make a new email account so, there is no one add in it. so, we will skip this step. You can click on ‘Find Friends’, if you have friends in your email account.

How To Create a Facebook Account

Step 3

In next step you have to fill your profile info like shown below, then click on ‘Next’ button.

How To Create a Facebook Account

Step 4

when you click on ‘Next’ button It will show you people you may know according to your personal information and you can send them request like I send to my friends. then click on ‘Next’.

How To Create a Facebook Account

Step 5

In Next step it will ask you for your profile image you can Upload image If you had one in your PC.

How To Create a Facebook Account

Add a picture and click on ‘Next’ button.

How To Create a Facebook Account

Step 6

Here we created our Facebook account, Welcome page is appearing , and there are may buttons like ‘Home’ it will show you shares of all your friend and pages, and ‘Hamza’ there will be your name when you create Facebook account. The name button will take you to your Profile. so, click on name button.

How To Create a Facebook Account

Step 7

Here you are on your Facebook Profile you can upload image and cover for your profile. And don’t forget to confirm your Facebook on Gmail it’s simple. You can see video below for better understanding.

How To Create a Facebook Account

That was about it, for better under standing, watch the video given below.

Let us know what you guys think in the comments below, or if you have any question, about anything then Visit our ||Place For Getting Help|| Section. Have Fun :)!

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