How To Create and Mount ISO Image File From Dvd/Folder/Files For Free

How To Create and Mount ISO Image File From Dvd/Folder/Files For Free

You can use ISO image file to compress files, create backups, create bootable usb flash devices and to burn it on DVD and CD. ISO is a very widely used format because it is a perfect solution to store all your Similar folders and Large applications in a single file Which is easy to manage and widely supported.

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By default windows does not have a sate forward method to create ISO image file but windows 8 has the option to mount the ISO image file when right clicked on it but still we will also learn how to mount ISO image file which will work for everyone, so we have to use some free and useful Software to get the job done.

How To Create ISO Image File

We can use both software either BurnAware Free or DaemonToolsLite to create an ISO image file, but here we will use BurnAware because it not just gives you the ability to create an ISO image file from DVD but also give you the option to create an ISO image file with any collection of folders and files. 1. Download the free version of BurnAware from here: Download and install it 2. Run the program you have two options for creating ISO image file, one is “Copy To Image”(To create ISO from DVD) and other one is “Make ISO”(to create ISO from any Collection of folders or files) 3. Select either of the two options from step 2, and then specify the appropriate media to make ISO image file then set the destination path and click on copy, now the process should start

How To Mount ISO Image File

We will use DaemonToolsLite to mount any existing ISO image, as it is really easy to use and allow us to reproduce the content of any ISO image file. 1. Download DaemonToolsLite from here: Download its free after installing it, open it 2. From toolbar select the first option which is of  “Add Image”, then browse to desired ISO file and open it. 3. Now it will show in the images window, right click on it and select mount, now it will be mounted now new drive will get created, showing you all the contents of your ISO file.

For better understanding watch the video below

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