How to Increase Google+ Follower

There are currently more than 540 million monthly active user across the Google properties and 300 million Active in Google+ Steam. Google plus user base is approximately 60% male and 40%  female. Google has all the social friendly features like all the other sides as in Facebook, twitter, Orkut, tumbler. Google is also business Friendly to, as Google is the largest search engine in all the times so its better to have a business Page on Google too as like as on the other Web sites. Benefits to Get started with Google plus include

1- Google will improve search engine ranking





2- By building the online brand on Google will help you in SEO Efforts and it will also escalate your web traffic.


Google ranking

So here are some technique through which you can increase your Google+ publicity .

STEP 1 : Create a personal profile on Google+

First of all make a google+ profile if you don’t have one. Its Very easy to create Click here to sign up with google+.


Step 2 : Make the Google business page

Unlike facebook and twitter you can create the business page on Google. If you want to promote a business then

it is essential to have a business page on google+.  If you want to make your business page on Google + click here.

i have formed  a business page Thehelptimes on Google, you can initially add Thehelptimes Google plus Business page into your Google Plus circle.

Step 3 : Ask your Friends to Join you on GOOGLE+

The initial and easy way to increase your Google+ Followers, is to ask your friends to connect with you on GOOGLE+ Profile. You should provide your link to your friends and whenever someone adds you on GOOGLE+ Account, add them back to show your appreciation.

Google+ is still on its Starting stage. You can Ask other people by sending them invitations on Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and other Ids.

You can Get there attention by commenting on there posts or articles by using your Google+ account by this way they will be motivated to have a Google + account to. Find more people by clicking on find people tab.



Step 4 : Add Identical People and Business Groups To Your Circles

Once you added Identical People and businesses some of them might follow you back. The more People and Groups you follow it will Expand your business Identity.


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Step 5 : Start posting interesting stories on Google+

you need to figure out various techniques to connect with other people on Google+. Then you will be able to get more chances in  getting other people attention to connect with you on Google+ . You Need to Give other People a reason to be Get connected with you on Google+ , So you need to Give them the strong reason.

You need to update your Google plus account on Regular basis. You need to share the Post which are relevant to your basis and are really valuable and attractive.

You should share not only your posts on the page , but also share the other interesting posts, pictures, video to keep the people motivated to be connected to your page .


Step 6 : Comment on other people’s Posts

You need to be active in commenting on the updates of other people who spend there Quality time on the Google Plus. By Commenting you will get a lot of new Followers.




Step 7 : Make your Google plus appearance Public

If you want more followers and circles on Google you need to make your Privacy to Public. The more people can see your page and profile more they know about you. Allow them to like and share your Posts. This will Definitely increase your Circles.


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Step 8 : ADD Google+ button on your website

You should add  Google plus button on your website. This will motivate the users to follow you  on Google Plus.




Step 9 : Upload a  pin sharp photo 1798384

You should upload a high Resolution profile Photo on Google plus account to give the best look for yourself.  This will attract the people to visit your Google plus profile.


Step 10 : Link your Google Plus account with All other social media accounts

On the other accounts you have the list of friends and followers. They are not new audience, but it populates your circles so you do not look brand new and desperate.




Do not just follow others  unseeingly or use any automation Tools to increase your Circles on GooGle+.It is very important to get more circles by interacting with others and start spending Quality time on sharing more interesting stuff and to be didactic to increase your google+ Followers.

I am Pretty sure the mentioned tips will help you to achieve more followers on Google+.If you do have more EFFECTIVE tip that can increase GoogLe PLus Followers,”Please do share in the comments section below”.

P.S: You can connect with me on Google plus here , I’ll follow you back if I like your posts :)


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