How to Increase Speed of Your WordPress Website

How to Increase Speed of Your WordPress Website

Website speed is really important and you already know that otherwise you wouldn’t be studying this article right now, so I will take less time to explain why website speed is important and more to elaborate how to increase speed of your wordpress website. Now to just remind you, longer your website takes to load more visitors will leave your website. With more than three years of experience using WordPress, I just found only one disadvantage of using WordPress and that is if your are not taking the right precautions you could end up with a sluggish site that will not only be a hassle for repeat visitors, but will most certainly lose you subscribers and customers due to the impatient nature of web browsers, and in these three years I have researched alot on website optimization to increase the speed of your wordpress powered website.

Read the following recommendations carefully if you want to speed up your WordPress website


1. Choose a good hosting provider

Choosing a hosting company is really crucial to your website speed, many of the starters choose the shared hosting on bluehost, hostgator and other similar companies. But they does offer fast server response time compared to the dedicated server or VPS(virtual private server). But many of us don’t have a choice in this case because of the short budget but it is always a good idea to upgrade your server as soon as possible, still if you are using a shared host you can take further precautions to optimize your site to load faster.

If you are looking for a good hosting provider then I always recommend WP Engine.

2. Use neatly coded theme/framework

You will be building all your content and services on your WordPress theme, so it is essential to always use a nicely coded premium theme for your very dear content or other projects. Professionally written code will allow your website to work properly and give a rock solid base for your further optimization.

There are many well-known frameworks out there such as Genesis, thesis, woothemes and headway.

3. Use content delivery network (CDN)

Content delivery network is a really efficient and modern way to optimize your website to do better than expected. Most of the popular blogs are using CDN to speed up their websites. Essentially, a CDN, or content delivery network, takes all your static files you’ve got on your site (CSS, JavaScript and images etc) and lets visitors download them as fast as possible by serving the files on servers as close to them as possible.

There are two content delivery network that I personally recommend, Amazon CloudFront and MaxCDN, their performance is excellent and pricing are reasonable.

Apart from these paid Content delivery networks, there is  CloudFlare which offer you the basic need of CDN free of charge. If you don’t have a budget to afford paid CDN services you must give CloudFlare a shot.

4. Use caching plugin

WordPress plugins are very helpful and productive but are notorious for slowing down the website speed. Yes wordpress plugins do slow down your website but there are some amazing plugins which really help to boost your website speed, caching plugins are in that list. Caching plugins make your website blazingly fast to your returning visitors by saving important resources of your website in the clients browser, so they don’t have to download the website again.

There are many caching plugins available on website, but my all time favourite caching plugin is W3 Total Cache, many of the popular website are also using this plugin, it also give more features than just caching like it also gives you the option of minification(combining all of your same type of files in one file to reduce the number of request is called minification).

5. Optimize images

Images are very important for every website/blog because they put life into the content and make it more appealing. But many good images are big in size so they put more load on the server, resulting in slowing down your wordpress website. This issue can be much solved by the means of optimizing your  images and making them web freindly, but the issue here is who has that much time to optimize each image they upload. Luckily there is a plugin which take care of this matter for us very well and it does it automatically.

WP is the only plugin you will every need to reduce the size of your images automatically and making them web friendly.

6. Implemeant LazyLoad to your images

LazyLoad is the process of having only the images above the fold load (i.e. only the images visible in the visitor’s browser window), then, when reader scrolls down, the other images begin to load, just before they come into view.

This will really help you to increase speed of your wordpress website and save bandwidth. Add this amazing feature automatically, install the jQuery Image Lazy Load plugin.

7. Organize every aspect of your wordpress website

After you have done all the above optimizations only and the most important thing that is left is organizing your site. it implies both on front end and back-end. For example, you can take your website as your personal computer, you know if you will stuff your computer with unnecessary things, programs and files ultimately your computer will become sluggish and start to slow down; same is the case with your website if you will not organize the database and behind the scenes files of your website then it will eventually effect your whole website and you will have no clue about what is wrong with your website which is causing it to slow down. So below are the some tips which you can use.

  • optimize your homepage to load quickly by using excerpts and showing only that data which is essential.
  • Delete are the unnecessary and deactivated plugins and only keep those which you really need.
  • optimize your database, you can do that from phpmyadmin or you can use any of these plugins WP-Optimize or WP-DB Manager, there solely purpose is to help you optimize your website’s database without any hassle.
  • Control the amount of post revisions stored, means every time you save your post as a draft it remains there as a revision, and these posts keep on building as many times your posts are saved as draft. you can control it by using this plugin; Revision Control.
  • Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks and all other features of wordpress which you don’t need because unnecessary functionalities consume the processing power of wordpress.

After doing all these optimization techniques, I guarantee you that you would have improve your website by more than 70%.

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