How to Link/Connect TwitteR Account With FaceBooK Profile/Account/Fan Page

How to Link/Connect TwitteR Account With FaceBooK Profile/Account/Fan Page

Now You Can Connect Your Twitter Account With The Facebook Account

Through This App when ever you do Tweet on Twitter it will automatically be posted on your Facebook timeline. If you want to connect with people this will help you to save your precious time. If you are Promoting your page on Social media then this App will help you a lot.Here are the Easy steps what you need to Follow to Active this service. Please remember that through this method your tweet will be posted on your Facebook timeline not vise versa. If you want to Connect Facebook book with twitter account then there is an other method, through that method what ever you will post on Facebook timeline will also be posted on the twitter account. To Learn how to connect Facebook account with twitter account please Click Here.

Step (1) : Open your Twitter account and the Facebook Account

Open your relevant  accounts you want to connect with each other in case you have more then 2 accounts.


Step (2) : Go to the Setting Menu

My twitter account is with the name of  Thehelptimes, Once you opened your account then you need to go to setting menu.

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 Step (3) : Select the Profile Menu

In the setting menu you will find a option with the name of PROFILE. Click the profile Button.

7-21-2014 11-25-23 PM

 Step (4) : Select the Link Option

After Clicking the profile button you will find a new task bar will be opened, In the bottom of the page you will find a option stating that to connect your twitter account with Facebook click here.

7-21-2014 11-28-17 PM3

Step (5) : Authorization

After Clicking the button it will ask you about the authorization. Click OK button.

7-21-2014 11-30-30 PM4

Step (6) : You can Manage your Privacy

In the Authorization bar you can choose who can see your post on Facebook timeline. By selecting the option Friends, Public, Only me, Custom.

7-21-2014 11-31-18 PM5

 Step (7) : Connecting the Twitter with the Facebook

After authorization process, Then it will show you the status that Twitter Account is connected with the Facebook Account. Now you can Tweet what ever you like to Tweet on Twitter it will automatically will be appeared on your Facebook Time line.

7-21-2014 11-28-17 PM3

Here is a Video Tutorial Also in Case you might like to watch the whole method.


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