How to Make Ad Hoc/Wireless(Hotspot) Network for Windows 8&7

How to Make Ad Hoc/Wireless(Hotspot) Network for Windows 8&7

ad hoc network for windows 8

What simply is an ad hoc network?

We can say an Ad hoc/wireless(hotspot)  network connection is a way to communicate with two computer with out having a router and wires .

Through this you can share files,images,videos, and internet. I am going to explain you how to make ad hoc network in windows 8& 7. Trust me its very easy its not a rocket science. Just follow the steps i am going to explain. In windows xp  it was really easy to make the ad hoc network between two computers by just making a new ad hoc network connection in to the network and sharing center.

But in windows 8&7 you have to use a third party software for making the ad hoc network which is VirtualRouterPlus, also you need to make sure that your laptop or pc is connect with a wired internet cable. Now you are good to go to create your ad hoc network.

To Downlaod the VirtualRouterPlus Click Here .

1. Just Download the software by clicking on the Download icon. Which is free to download and to use.When you Download the software just open it. There is no need to install the Software as it is already in execution format. Just open the .exe file ( We have also created a Video demonstration of this process to help you and you can find it at the end of this post).

2. After Downloading VirtualRouterPlus you will see that it is in the .zip format so just extract it. After extracting you need to Open the software. When you open the VirtualRouterPlus, it will ask you to make a network name ,password and connection type(wifi).Then press the button start VirtualRouterPlus. After pressing it will make a wifi connection and you can see the network by clicking on wireless icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Video Demonstration


In case if Virtual Router Plus is not helpful .You could try another  Software Connectify me which works the same way like Router plus. To download this software Click Here.




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