How to Open Whatsapp in Laptop or Pc – The Official Ways

💡 – In this video, I will show you, How to open WhatsApp on your laptop or computer. This video is valid for both Windows and macOS.

In this video, we will use 2 ways to open WhatsApp on your laptop and both ways are the official ways recommended by WhatsApp, which means both these methods will provide you with the best possible experience to use on your computer or pc(personal computer).

In a first way, we will use the web.WhatsApp website to open up our WhatsApp in our browser using the WhatsApp browser native cloud application. This way is the most versatile one because you can open your WhatsApp using this method on any laptop anywhere.

Whereas the second method is by downloading and installing the stand-alone software provided by WhatsApp. this method can use the laptop resources more efficiently and hence provide you with better performance and better message sending times.

in the end, you can use either method whichever suits you more.

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I am Hamza Basharat your host for this video. I am a computer engineer and entrepreneur, and run e-commerce stores as my main business and make part-time youtube tutorials. Hope to see you subscribe and hang around on this channel. and feel comfortable asking anything in the comments, I will reply to all my comments from now on.

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