How To Reopen The Closed Tab In GOOGLE Chrome/Firefox With (Pictures)

Mostly all of the people are now using GOOGLE Chrome or fire fox browser. Some times its happen that we mistakenly close the tab where we were actually working. It Looks kind of hectic to get it back. In this short article i will show you how you can get the Close tab back. First if you have closed the last tab and you want to Reopen it. You need to  press all together Ctrl+Shift+T.670px-Reopen-a-Closed-Tab-on-Your-Browser-Step-2-Version-2 (1)

A new tab will pop up and it will automatically reopen the last closed tab. If you do not like to go with this option then if you just right click on any tab. You will find the option stating there reopen the last closed tab. It will open the last closed tab for you.   reopen the closed tab

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