How To Update iOS7 Free For iPhone4/4S/5/iPad2/3/4/Mini

How To Update iOS7 Free For iPhone4/4S/5/iPad2/3/4/Mini


IOS 7 is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. IOS7 is a new software released by Apple.They make the new software more simple,useful and more entertaining .The new design of IOS7 is really attractive.The IOS7 include  new Features Like

  • Control center
  • Air Drop For IOS
  • Smarter Multitasking

You can update Apple iPhone4,Apple iPhone4s, Apple iPhone5 ,Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad3,Apple IPad4,Apple IPad mini,Apple iPod touch5th generation.

How to Update IOS7

First of all back up your phone .To check if iCloud Backups are enable go to setting>icloud>storage &backup and make sure the iCloud backup slide is at the on position.You can also make a manual backup by going to setting>iCloud>storage&BAckup And tapping the large black button at the bottom of the display.You can backup your phone with itunes. You can update to IOS7  from which ever version you are currently using.

How to Update the IOS7  by Phone

Turn on your phone go to the menu And turn on your WiFi network



Then go to settings



Then go to general


Then go to software update it will start checking for Update



Select the install and Download button


It Need 1.1 GB space to get download. Then it will Take little time to download and then install the  new version and Enjoy the New IOS7.

IOS7 Complete

How to update new IOS7 by Itunes.

Plug in your phone with the data cable.Turn on Itunes. It Will show you the Summary information.

IOS7 by Itunes



Wait for a while a new screen will popup saying that a new Software version is available to download and install Select that option

ISO7 download Itunes



Once you select the download and install option it will Start connecting with the server for the software update

IOS7 New Update


After that it will  ask you to agree with the term&condition agree if you do not have any issue

IOS7 New Updates

It will Start downloading the software,and once its downloaded it will start updated your phone to new IOS7





The Device is Updated now to New IOS7.

IOS7 new


Enjoy the New IOS7 .IOS 7 new



Video demonstration

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