How To Upload Animated GIFS In Your Facebook Account

How To Upload Animated GIFS In Your Facebook Account
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A lot of people are interested in GIFS on facebook right now so, i decided to write this useful article for those people who want to upload animated gifs on facebook, and good news is, it is easier then you think. OK lets get to it.

You will need:

What to do:

1. Open your facebook account and go to your status bar into life events,/travel and experinces,/new hobby.

upload animated gif on facebook

2. Click on new hobby and then click on chose from photos.

3. consider any photo from there and right click on it and select inspect element.

4. Then open the animated gif you wished to get (that image should be open in facebook), and right click on the image and copy its url.

5. Then go to the page where you inspected element and edit it as a html, and change the url of the image with the url of animated pic! just see followings snaps.

upload animated gif on facebook

6. Now animated picture will be added to your timeline just open it and tag yourself and the picture will be in your photos.

its that easy, for more help here is a video explaining all this process:


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  1. None of this makes any sense whatsoever. There is no travel/experiences or new hobby option. Can you maybe update this? How do you upload an animated gif to facebook?