How To Use Animated GIF in Your FaceBook Page

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Many people love animated and moving pictures because they are alot more then just pictures, they represents moments and motions all together.These animated pictures are saved in GIF format.As a matter of fact facebook does to allow GIF’s to used in facebook.When you upload GIF’s directly to the facebook it only selects first image of the sequence as covert that image into jpeg.Now here is a little trick how you can use GIF in your facebook page.Now here are some simple steps you need to follow to add Animated GIF to Your FaceBook Page.

1.  Select your favorite GIF or download and free GIF from internet.You can use these websites to download free GIF’s from here or from here.

2. Upload it to for free to get the Html code for the image or create an account in and then upload that GIF to photobucket to get the image Html code

After uploading your image your tinypic screen will look like this.

How To Use Animated GIF in Your FaceBook Page

3. Go to your facebook and on the search bar type in static HTML and then select first option and then add static html page to your all pages.After adding this, you will a new box saying well come to you.

4. Click on it and then it will take you to the settings of ststic HTML page where you can input any content you want, add text if you wish to but to add your desired GIF image you will need to copy the Html code of your image(Highlighted with red color in the image above) and then past it in.

5. Click on preview and their you  have it your Gif in Action, Click save and you are good to go.Here is the example: Visit this link.

6. Rename the box From ‘welcome’ to anything you want and save the url for that box and share it with your friend as i did in the previous step.

Here is the video demonstrating how to Do all this!

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