Magical Effects Of Sound Sleep

Magical Effects Of Sound Sleep

Why is like most of us miss our deep good sleep? Is internet, video games, TV, are responsible for this or our mind is stuck in our daily work while even sleeping. Whatever the reason it would be, bad sleep is affecting billion of people’s health. Not even health but also their life spam is also getting in danger.

We are presenting some new searches and facts about good deep sleep so you can realize why a good sleep should be your first priority.

Through Good Sleep Gets Long Healthy life;

According to An AC Nielson poll, 73 percent of us catching eight hours or more a night sleep, compared with 49 percent globally. Half of 49 Percent usually lays on bed after half night passed This habit is not good for our health. Today High blood pressure disease is getting too much common. More often a responsible reason of this is that heartbeat and blood pressure is at its lowest state during sleep so those people who sleep less have high blood pressure. Many researches Has shown that due to less sleeping Heart Attack, diabetes, obesity and other physical problem are getting common. Good sleep cause less release stress hormones which interns cause infection and damage our defense system. In short peoples who take deep sleep gets healthy long life.

Get Good Sleep, Look Good, Feel Good

People who sleep just 4 or 5 hours experiences headache and digestive disorders. After a bad sleep when u see your face in mirror it is not very fresh.Your skin become dull and sign of aging starts very early as growth hormone are released in very large extent. So it’s better to take full sleep to stay fresh and young.

Sleep Controls Our Brain And Moods

Especially for the brain Sleep is needed to function optimally. After long periods of wakefulness in our brain neurons begin to malfunction, visibly affecting a person’s behavior.Given that a single sleepless night can cause people to be irritable and moody the following day, it is conceivable that chronic insufficient sleep may lead to long-term mood disorders. Chronic sleep issues have been correlated with depression, anxiety, and mental distress. Person who slept four and a half hours per night reported feeling more stressed, sad, angry, and mentally exhausted.

Sleeping Increase immunity

It is natural for people to go to bed when they are sick. Substances produced by the immune system to help fight infection also cause fatigue. One theory proposes that the immune system evolved “sleepiness inducing factors” because inactivity and sleep provided an advantage: those who slept more when faced with an infection were better able to fight that infection than those who slept less.

Six Steps to Get Good Deep Sleep

Little bit change in our routine and behavior can addresses our sleep problems. There are some steps you can follow to get good deep sleep.

  • Keep fix time of going-to-bed and waking time—allowing for between 7 and 9 hours of sleep for adults.
  • Eliminate Sleeping pills from your life
  • Make your schedule and do exercise regularly
  • Don’t watch television, play video games or use computer while you’re getting ready for bed
  • Improving in daily diet
  • Make your sleep environment comfortable.
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