Make 5000 Friends On Facebook The Real Thing

Make 5000 Friends On Facebook The Real Thing
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Why make Friends and Fans on Facebook?

Everyone can make money from his website, if it gets traffic. If you already have a website, then to make money, you need a lot of traffic! So, first of all, let’s decide from where you can get the traffic. The best source of getting traffic is Search Engines (SE). But is it easy to see your website on the #1 page of Google search engine? I will like to do efforts for it, but it will take that much long time, that I may leave internet marketing, being disappointed. Should you go for Google Adwords? Well! I am not lucky in using Google Adwords, as it took all cash from my pockets and I got no sales from it for 2 months continuously. Many people may have become successful with it, but, I was NOT. So, what is the solution? The next best place for getting traffic is Social Networking Websites. I believe on Facebook for getting targeted traffic as it is #1 Social Bookmarking website. From its stats we can see that Facebook has near about 300 MILLION ACTIVE USERS and every Facebook user is having more than 100 friends at an average. So, don’t you think that this can be a major source of traffic among all social networking websites? Fans and friends are Best ways to Get Traffic and here we will learn how to make 5000 Facebook friends!

How to Make 5000 friends on facebook?

There is nothing too much to explain about How to Make 5000 friends on Facebook i have tested many methods but here are the best! Follow these steps and you will get impressive results.

1. One thing is for sure Make your profile look good and impressive because when someone visit your profile, he should send you a friend request.

2. Use mass email add system ! it really works, go to your facebook search bar and type mass add and you will see groups and fan pages which will guide you further.

3. Communicate with people and like stuff from different pages which will send notifications to all the involved members of that page that you have commented or likes something! see this article: Like Everything On Any Facebook Page 

4. Also do something new and unique, try tricks and advertise your profile by various free ways! Do stuff like this: Animated GIF in Your FaceBook Page

Here is a video explaining : How to Make 5000 friends on Facebook

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