Post Animated GIFS On Facebook As Status

Post Animated GIFS On Facebook As Status
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Now this is the last article on facebook animated gif series and this one is a real thing believe me it is yet the most awesome thing you can do with your animated GIFS in your photos.I have shown you how to get animated GIFS in your photos if you havn’t read that article then here is the link:

Now to post animated gifs on facebook  like a status that the animated images still keep moving as they are, follow these steps.



1. You will need to create an facebook application, don’t worry its not that difficult as it seems.

2. In order to create an facebook application follow this link: and click on Create New App.

3. Give a name to your application and click continue and that’s it its that easy to create an facebook app.

4. Now go to Graph API Explorer by following this link:

5. Now from the top right graph api explorer button select the name of your app you just created.

Graph API Explorer - Facebook Developers

6. Now after selecting your app click on ”Get Access Token”, now a box will appear you need to check certain boxes in each tab, In the User Data Permissions tab, selectpublish_actions,   In the Extended Permissions tab, you need to select multiple choices. Follow the image below.

Graph API Explorer - Facebook Developers

7.  After clicking on get access token click on ”accounts” under connections.

Graph API Explorer - Facebook Developers

8. Now you will need to note the Access token for your page on which you want to post animated pics to.Our page is TheHelptimes so will note the token to that page.

Graph API Explorer - Facebook Developers

9. Now copy this piece of code to you notepad a fill the fields with appropriate data, and after filling it copy all that code and past it into URL bar of your browser.

  2. &message=CUSTOM_MESSAGE
  3. &object_attachment=PICTURE_ID
  4. &name=CUSTOM_NAME
  5. &caption=CUSTOM_CAPTION
  6. &description=CUSTOM_DESCRIPTION
  7. &access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN

PAGE_ID is the ID of your page where you want to post. You can use the username too here.

CUSTOM_MESSAGE will be the message to be posted when you publish the animated picture.

PICTURE_ID is the value of fbid of the picture which you uploaded to your page.

CUSTOM_CAPTION can be any cation you like for the animated image you try to post.

CUSTOM_DESCRIPTION can be any text to describe the picture you post.

ACCESS_TOKEN is the one which identifies your application. The one which you generated in the step 2 should be used here.

Access tokens are the permission for an application to use user’s data. This is a temporary one and  will get expired after sometime.

Now copy the code past it in your URL bar and Jobs done!

Here is a video demonstrating all this process:


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