Speed Up your Slow Windows Pc the Easier Way

Speed Up your Slow Windows Pc the Easier Way

Alright, I know you are frustrated that your windows computer is slow as molasses. Just remember you are not alone, most of us also have placed this problem. But to work around this problem we really need to find what is causing you computer to slow and when we know what is causing our computer to slow then we can find a fix around it. So, I will first consider some of the main things which can cause your computer to slow down.

1. Your Computer Specs

Speed-Up-Your-PCIf you really have an old school computer with a RAM memory less than 2GB, then there is nothing left to explain about why your computer is slow. Simplest solution to this problem is to get a new computer with good specs, like it should have some latest fast processor like Intel i5 or i7 even i3 is good but it all depends on your budget, then the most important thing which contributes to your computer speed is RAM. Your RAM should be 4gb or above if you want to have fluid experience. If you already have computer with good specs and it is still slow then don’t worry and keep reading.

2. Maintenance and System Care

If you have a computer with good specs and still its slow, then you might have noticed that when your computer was new it wasn’t slow and as time passed it started to get slow and even slower. The reason behind this is the poor maintenance of your computer in short you didn’t take care of your computer. For example, when you buy a car. You wash it on the regular basses and change its oil when limit is reached and take it to the garage for service. You do all that for the maintenance of your car, Similarly you computer also need maintenance in order for it to work as you expect. Let me just quickly tell you some basic things which you should always take care of, then I will tell you the dummy prove method to improve the speed of your computer.

  • Keep your desktop(Home-screen) clean, don’t fill it with all of those useless icons, that really slows down your computer speed.
  • Press Alt+Ctrl+Delete to get to the task manager, fro the navigation bar on the task manager you will see ‘Startup’  click on it and then you will all the applications that run when you start your computer you will see there will alot of programs which you don’t use, So just click on then and disable them that will drastically improve your computer speed.
  • Make sure you have at least 10GB of free space on the Drive where you have installed your windows. Otherwise your computer will slow down, that’s because operating system some free memory to process some temporary data.
  • Delete all the useless software and programs that you don’t use.

If you have done all the above you will really see significant improvement in your computer’s speed. Still if you are not satisfied and need even more optimize your computer, without involvement of any advance techniques, then I have fairly easy but still most effect trick and I tell you guys I by myself use this all the time, to better explain this i have created a video for you guys enjoy!

Still if you have any questions or problems fell free to leave your  thoughts below in the comments section

Easiest Solution How to Video

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