Stop Facebook Auto Video Player By Easy Steps (With Pictures)

Stop Facebook Auto Video Player By Easy Steps (With Pictures)

Now a days we all are having the Auto video player on Facebook, When ever we open our Facebook page. The Facebook Video player automatically start the video, Which some people do not like. And want to stop this feature. you can Stop Facebook Auto Video Player its simple, Here is the solution for that.

Now you can turn off this feature .

Follow these steps ,

Step (1) : Open your Facebook account.

There is currently a video in the circle which is active right now. I am going to turn off the auto video player.

7-22-2014 4-43-55 PM

Step (2) : Go to Settings

Go to the settings.

GO  to setting

Step (3) : Go to the video settings

Go to the video Setting option.

GO to Videos

Step (5) : Turn off the Auto video Player

Here you can turn on/off the auto video Player.

Turn it of

That was about it, for better under standing, watch the video given below.

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