TheHelpPartner Program – Helping Each Other

Video Explaining TheHelpPartner program:

 You will invest nothing (means this program can,t be fake), you will earn money from each video you create!

TheHelpPartner Programe

Welcome To TheHelpPartner programe

We started this campaign under the slogan of “Helping Each other”,  means we wanted to build a community where producers can create a video to help or entertain others and then when people watch those videos, the producers get paid for there hardwork.

So let’s just come to the point that “How this program Works?” and “How can you participate in this program?”

Criteria for participation

1. You should have a good grip on English language. (note: Video must be in English Language)

2. You should have tools to create your videos. (note: You should atleast have a computer or a camera)

3. You should have a good grip on any topic so you can make videos about it.

anybody satisfying above, will be able to take part in this program.

How this program works?

TheHelpPartner program works simply as following:

1. You will create a Quality video about anything you want, the video should help or entertain its viewers in any aspect( note: It can informative, demonstrational or entertaining  etc.).

2. You will then upload that video to our Facebook Private Group:, (Note: You will post that video with proper Title and Description)

3. Then we will download that video from there and then upload that video on our YouTube channel:

4. We will then create a YouTube Analytics Group with your name  i.e “Hamza Basharat” So, whenever we get a new video from you, we will add that video to your group. Then basically using that group(which will only contain your videos) we can track how much money your videos make per month, and then we will give you that money after a month.

How you can participate in this program?

You can participate in this program by sending your information to our Email address, you will get a verification email that you are a partner or not:

[email protected]

(Send in : your name? : where you live? : your videos will be about? : previous work you did?(if any) : and other thing special about you)

We will look forward to your Email and normally reply you within 1-2 days.

if you have any queries or suggestions use our Contact Us page or email us at:  [email protected]