Top 5 Free Services to Check your Grammar

Top 5 Free Services to Check your Grammar

There can be alot of reasons for which you might want to check your grammar. Either you can be writing a paper/article and you want to check for grammatical mistakes or maybe English is not your first language, and you want to make sure that what you are writing is correct or not. In both cases Grammar Check Services and Websites come real handy.

After reading this article you won’t be searching for grammar check services anymore, because you will find everything you need to know about grammar check services here.

Grammer errorMany people have requested me to tell them some service which is more easy to use and readily accessible, in short which is not a website with a side note that it also should be free. Actually I know what the problem is, problem is sometimes you are online and sometime you don’t and sometimes you are not in a mood of opening a website and sometimes you are. So finally I will tell you the fix for all of these situations. Let me just go over to the list of websites which you can use to check your grammar,

Websites( online solution)

This is a list of top of the line free services you can use to Check your grammar. You don’t need to pay any fee, register or complete any test – you just copy-paste your text and see your grammar mistakes. Easy as pie!

1. Grammar Base Grammar Check


2. After the Deadline Grammar Check


3. Reverso Grammar Check


4. Language Tool Grammar Check


Google Chrome Extensions(Easily Accessible Solution)

Grammar Base also has a very good extension which you can use to check your grammar, it’s really easy to use. You just have to add this extension to your chrome browser then when every you will write any text on any website you will a ‘abc’ icon on the bottom right corner of that box and when you done writing you just have to click on that ‘abc’ to check for grammar mistakes.

To get the extension Click Here.

Here is what they say about this extension:

“GrammarBase improves your writing skills in English while you are on the web. A free tool will correct all grammar, spelling and styles issues in your texts. Use it when you compose emails, business letters or messages, when you post comments, update statuses or tweet.

Install it and forget about grammatical errors forever as GrammarBase is your personal grammar guide online.”

Offline Solution

Microsoft Word Grammar Check

you might have already knew that or maybe not, But the best and most easy offline solution is Grammar Checker which is built in to Microsoft Word, Below is the procedure by which you can check your grammar using Microsoft word.

  • Open Microsoft Word and write or past your text
  • Then from the main navigation bar switch to ‘review’ tab
  • Now look on the most left side of that menu and there you have it “Spelling & Grammar” tool
  • Press that button and your text will be checked for any grammatical error

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