Top 5 Graphic Cards 2014

Top 5 Graphic Cards 2014

When we talk about Graphic card, the first thing comes in our mind is gaming. Our graphic card is compatible for all high Graphic games or not?. Which is the best Graphic card?. Questions like that will comes in our mind we we plan to buy a graphic card. For your help in choosing best graphic card I listed the top 5 graphic card.


It is a gaming monster, built to power the most extreme gaming rigs on the planet. With a massive 5760 cores and 12 GB of 7 Gbps GDDR5 memory, TITAN Z gives you truly amazing performance, easily making it the fastest graphics card we’ve ever made.This is a serious card built for serious gamers. TITAN Z is designed with the highest-grade components to deliver the best experience, incredible speed and cool, quiet performance—all in a stunningly crafted aluminum case.

Top 5 Graphic Card 2014


AMD Radeon™ R9  295X2

This graphics card is the world’s fastest, period.11 A mammoth eight gigabytes of memory and over 11.5 tera flops of computing power help this card do what it was built to do: be the undisputed graphics champion for a generation. Run ultra settings in 4K with impunity. Or get two million pixels more than 4K by combining five HD screens in an AMD Eyefinity technology setup.3 Either way, the AMD Radeon R9 295X2 barely breaks a sweat.

 AMD Radeon™ R9 295X2

GeForce GTX TITAN Black

GeForce GTX TITAN Black is a masterpiece of engineering. Starting with the award-winning GTX TITAN, the Black edition adds 6 GB of frame buffer memory, spectacular performance, double precision and amazing thermals and acoustics. GTX TITAN Black is the ultimate gaming GPU for a pure gaming experience—the perfect balance of sleek design, uncompromising performance, and state-of-the-art technologies.

Top 5 Graphic Card 2014

AMD Radeon™ R9 290X

For gamers who demand the very best, AMD Radeon™ R9 290X and R9 290 graphics shatter ordinary GPU performance. Groundbreaking GCN Architecture pushes your performance to insane levels while AMD TrueAudio technology and ultra-resolution gaming take you even deeper into the action. With Ultra Resolution Gaming you can leave HD in the dust by gaming on displays much, much larger. Whether using a 4k monitor or combining multiple HD monitors, you’ll get an expansive experience that’s truly out of sight.

 AMD Radeon™ R9 290x

GeForce GTX 780 Ti

GeForce® GTX 780 Ti is one of best gaming GPU on the planet. Featuring 25% more cores than GTX 780, our latest graphics card offers extreme performance and a quiet, cool experience. This is pure performance accelerated, giving you the freedom to play every title at ultra settings and max resolutions on today’s highest-definition displays.

GeForce GTX 780 Ti

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