Visualizations in VLC Media Player

Visualizations in VLC Media Player

VLC media player has now become one of the most popular media player ever, everyday more and more people have started using VLC meida player because of its three qualities.

  1. It’s Simple
  2. It Works
  3. It’s Free

What else a casual user would want, if you don’t have it download it from here. So, its cool but we are writing this article to show you how you can make it even more cooler by enabling the visualizations in VLC media player. To enable visualizations just make sure the following things.


  • Make sure you have the updated version of VLC media player( Go to: Menu>>Help>>Check For Updates )
  • Play any audio/music file ( Go to: Menu>>Media>>Open File )
  • Enable Visualizations (Go to: Menu>>Audio>>Visualizations>>(Select your favorite Visualization) )Visualizations in VLC Media Player
Video Tutorial

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