How to Link/Connect Facebook Account With Twitter Account/Profile

How to Link/Connect Facebook Account With Twitter Account/Profile

People like to share there stuff  on Twitter and Facebook  it could be there personal or business material on there Fan page.

Initially it was tough for them to go separately first on Facebook profile and share there material and then went to Twitter account to share there material. Now it is very easy to share the stuff online on social sites. Like now you need to post on one social account it could be either Twitter or Facebook this post will automatically sent to your second account. I will show you in easy steps how to Connect your Facebook account with your Twitter account. With this link what ever you share on Facebook page/timeline will automatically be posted on twitter account. With the help of this method you can connect your Facebook fan page with the twitter account. This means that you can promote your business much more easily by just using one site. This will save your time to do more important work.

Step (1) : Open your Facebook account

8-13-2014 1-45-51 PM

Step (2) : Go to Settings

8-13-2014 1-47-45 PM

Step (3) : Select the option Followers

8-13-2014 1-49-13 PM

Step (4) : Select The Option Connect With Twitter Account

8-13-2014 1-52-13 PM

Step (5) : Select The Option Link Profile To Twitter

8-13-2014 1-52-45 PM

Step (6) : Authorization

8-13-2014 1-53-24 PM

Step (7) : Select The Privacy Setting to Public

8-13-2014 1-56-47 PM If you know another method please share with us in the Comment Section below. Please do like us on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you.

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