Moto 360 by motorola, Android Wear Smart watch, First Look

Moto 360 by motorola, Android Wear Smart watch, First Look

Moto 360 by motorola

In the List of Android Wear smart watches, moto 360 is arguably the most stylish one, hence has the comparatively  high price then other two, if you don’t know already then below is the list of three smart watches which are using the google’s new operating system for wearable gadgets(like smart watches).

Below are the three smart watches:

Moto 360 by Motorola has a circular design unlike of the other two, which have more like a rectangular design. But currently from the reviews and by generally seeing the smart watches, we can say that the moto 360 is the best looking of them all.

You can install different themes to change the look of your smart watch. Other than design, it is quite similar to other two, it will get connected to your smart phone and than you will see all your notifications appearing on your moto 360 smart watch. Other then notifications, you can search or ask google for anything on the go, map navigation and health tracking features are also there and more apps for android wear are being developed, so we have alot of creative stuff to witness.

Moto 360 by motorola

It is Currently Available in two different styles.

1. More Casual One

Moto 360 by motorola - Casual

2. More Formal One

Moto 360 by motorola - Formal

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