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Completely Remove Annoying Toolbars Search/Settings from Chrome

Annoying toolbars and search engines  get installed into the browser without the user knowing about it, these free and some what spammy things are pain in the ass for many users who want there browsers to have just what they like, maintaining your computer and browser from these things needs a little attention but it saves you from alot of trouble later, to help you with this in this article we will show you how you can keep your google chrome browser clean. Follow these steps Open up chrome and go to the tree tiles icon on the top right corner of your browser (Go to: Customize and control icon>>Tools>>Extensions) Remove all the unwanted extensions from there. Lets say you have babylon toolbar and search engine set to default now we take it as an example and change the settings to our desired ones, So (Go to: Customize and control icon>>Settings ) First, change the on start up settings, click on set pages and remove the one already there like in our case it will be baylon homepage remove it and now add as start up page or any website you want.(You can also select where i left of setting, this is what i use) Now next under appearance, Click on change under Show home Button, and set your desired website as your home page. Lastly under search click on mange search engines and set google as your default search engine and then remove the babylon search engine or any other unwanted search engines form there. That’s it now you customized your chrome browser as you needed, if you...

Visualizations in VLC Media Player

VLC media player has now become one of the most popular media player ever, everyday more and more people have started using VLC meida player because of its three qualities. It’s Simple It Works It’s Free What else a casual user would want, if you don’t have it download it from here. So, its cool but we are writing this article to show you how you can make it even more cooler by enabling the visualizations in VLC media player. To enable visualizations just make sure the following things.   Make sure you have the updated version of VLC media player( Go to: Menu>>Help>>Check For Updates ) Play any audio/music file ( Go to: Menu>>Media>>Open File ) Enable Visualizations (Go to: Menu>>Audio>>Visualizations>>(Select your favorite Visualization) ) Video...

How to Convert RAR to Zip

RAR and Zip files are actually data containers, they store one or several files in the compressed form. Its very useful to store data in RAR and Zip files. Some beginners find difficulties converting files into RAR or Zip format and  if they had to change RAR files into Zip files or vice verse. so, we are here to help them. Now i am going to show you how to convert RAR to Zip or store files in RAR and Zip format. The simple and easy software which I use to convert RAR to Zip files is WinRAR . Step 1 Download WinRAR software from its official site: or any other of your choice. step 2 Right click on the file you want to compress and choose the option “Add to archive” a window will appear like this: Choose the file destination and the file format in which you want to convert. Then press “OK” this will covert your file into RAR or Zip. Step 3 If you want to covert RAR to Zip file format or vice verse follow this step. Right click on file you want to convert and click on “Extract files” a window will appear like this: Choose the destination path. Then press “OK”, that will convert your file into simple windows folder. After that you can convert this file from RAR to Zip by following step 2. These are different websites which convert your files RAR to Zip and any other format. Zamzar Convert Files B1 Online-Convert Hope This will help you....

Wireless Network Watcher/ free network monitoring software

 If you want to check who is using your internet through WIFI. Like if you just want to survey that how many people are currently connected to your network or   If you are Providing  the internet as sharing you might find this problem that you password is leaked and so many people are using your internet.To See who is using  your internet you need to have a software which will tell you who is currently using your internet. And you can Save these details in  a Spread sheet as well.Its provide the information of IP address,Computer name and Device name. The software provide the information is shown in the  picture given below . To Download This software Click here.   Video Demonstration!...

Invalid Tag Error in YouTube Explanation and Solution

Some times we want to add as many tags as we want on youtube video,But when we are tagging the video if we are just tagging 5 to 10 tags we will not face any Error like Your settings could not be saved: Invalid tags,I make a research on it and spend a few time on it.I read on yahoo answer like some people are saying that  we can not add more then 24 tags according to the answers i found on yahoo. Its means that we can not add more then 24 tags with our youtube video,if we want to add More tags, we  might find a error saying that Your settings could not be saved: Invalid tags. But what i Found is that  there is  no As such  limitation on the No of tags .you could add multiple tag up to 100 tag at the same  time with your video even if tags are same for example aa,aa.aa We Can tag 2 similar tags as well like 1st tag is aa, second tag can be aa, as well there is no problem with the similar tags .According to my analysis we could make the tag  with up to 500 characters with spaces,Regard less of no of tags.SO We can make 1 tag with up t0 499 characters (with space) in it. As we all know that we can not make a Tag like using Just 1 character For example A,E,R,T, youtube will not accept the tag which consist of 1 character in it.It has to be 2 characters for a Valid tag.So we have up to 499 Characters  to make...

Cheap WordPress Hosting

All new bloggers face difficulties in finding cheap WordPress hosting. Among the various blogging platforms, WordPress is definitely one of the most popular blogging programs. WordPress is a content management system used by millions of bloggers all over the world. Types of WordPress hosting options such as Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting are available to every one. New bloggers don’t know disadvantages of free hosting after facing them they search for best and cheap WordPress hosting. I write this article to help those who search for cheap WordPress hosting so, they don’t face such problems in finding cheap WordPress hosting like I faced in beginning. Cheap word press hosting companies I listed some of the best and cheap WordPress hosting companies.   BlueHost Bluehost has been providing quality web hosting solutions to businesses and individuals since 1996. Bluehost provide cheap WordPress hosting. Bluehost  constantly innovating and upgrading  services at no additional cost to  customers and design and build their own servers to ensure they are the best available cheap WordPress hosting which fulfill your needs. Features Unlimited Disk Storage Unlimited. Unlimited Domain Hosting. Free Drag and Drop Site Builder. Free Domain Name. Unlimited Add-on Domains. Unlimited Parked Domains. Unlimited Sub-domains.   HostGator Host gator establishment in 2002, HostGator has been a world-leading provider of web hosting service. Although our headquarters is in Houston, Texas, it provide cheap WordPress hosting to clients from over 200 countries internationally with our staff of over 750 employees. Host gator offer Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated server packages for both beginners and professionals alike. Each of our shared Web Hosting plans includes 24/7/365 support, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a 45-day money-back guarantee. Features...
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