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How To Get The Start Menu Button/option/feature in Windows 8

  Windows 8 is the Latest operating system by Microsoft  after window 7 and vista. It has many new features and function.But it Does not have the traditional  Start menu function as we use to have in windows XP and in windows 7 . Some People are so Addicted with the start button that they might feel uncomfortable. I will Explain you how to get the start menu option in the windows 8. It’s very easy. Just follow the Steps i am going to Show you. We will use a Free software “star menu 8”. Start Menu 8 will provide the best alternative to new Metro start screen in Windows 8 . It will also give the  option to skip Metro start page, It will allow the users  who like to work only on desktop to boot windows 8 Directly. To Download this Software Click here. Open the link and Download the software follow the steps on installer and enjoy the new start menu screen ....

How to Remove Conduit/Ask/Bing/Norton/Delta Toolbar in Chrome/Firefox/IE

Some times irritating and sticky search and tool bars installed on your browser and become your default search and set as home page . if you try to get rid of them they again become your home page. Actually they are adware hijack your browser and change their internal settings they record your browsing history, monitor your search habit and collect your personal information for commercial use, they are also ad-supported search engines which creates advertisements and pop,ups  on your browser. They installed on your browsers after clicking on advertisements or during installation of free software from internet. Now i am going to show you how can you get rid of  these search bars like Conduit,Ask,Bing,Norton and Delta. You just have to follow steps. Remove Conduit,Ask,Bing,Norton,Delta Toolbar from Firefox Step 1 Open control panel go to add and remove programs and  uninstall the search bar you want to remove like,Conduit,Ask,Bing,Norton and Delta Toolbar. Step 2 Open Mozilla Firefox, Click on Tools menu then choose Options, then click on General tab and then change home page to “” or else you want as default search. Then click on apply and close. Step 3 If step two does not work. Type “about:config” on Firefox URL bar and press enter to open this page. A warning box will open you just have to click on “I’ll be carefully, I promise”. write keyword URL on search and change it to or else you want. write “” change it to Google or else you want from Conduit,Ask,Bing,Norton and Delta Toolbar. Step 4 If you want to reset Firefox follow this step other wise no need to do so....

How to Make Ad Hoc/Wireless(Hotspot) Network for Windows 8&7

What simply is an ad hoc network?
We can say an Ad hoc/wireless(hotspot) network connection is a way to communicate with two computer with out having a router and wires .

Through this you can share files,images,videos, and internet. I am going to explain you how to make ad hoc network in windows 8. Trust me its very easy its not a rocket science. Just follow the steps i am going to explain. In windows xp and windows 7 it was really easy to make the ad hoc network between two computers by just making a new ad hoc network connection in to the network and sharing center.

But in windows 8 you have to use a third party software for making the ad hoc network which is VirtualRouterPlus, also you need to make sure that your laptop or pc is connect with a wired internet cable. Now you are good to go to create your ad hoc network.

To Downlaod the VirtualRouterPlus click here.

How To Create and Mount ISO Image File From Dvd/Folder/Files For Free

You can use ISO image file to compress files, create backups, create bootable usb flash devices and to burn it on DVD and CD. ISO is a very widely used format because it is a perfect solution to store all your Similar folders and Large applications in a single file Which is easy to manage and widely supported. Difficulty: Easy By default windows does not have a sate forward method to create ISO image file but windows 8 has the option to mount the ISO image file when right clicked on it but still we will also learn how to mount ISO image file which will work for everyone, so we have to use some free and useful Software to get the job done. How To Create ISO Image File We can use both software either BurnAware Free or DaemonToolsLite to create an ISO image file, but here we will use BurnAware because it not just gives you the ability to create an ISO image file from DVD but also give you the option to create an ISO image file with any collection of folders and files. 1. Download the free version of BurnAware from here: Download and install it 2. Run the program you have two options for creating ISO image file, one is “Copy To Image”(To create ISO from DVD) and other one is “Make ISO”(to create ISO from any Collection of folders or files) 3. Select either of the two options from step 2, and then specify the appropriate media to make ISO image file then set the destination path and click on copy, now the process should start How To...

What Math Games to Play

Math games are the best way for kids to learn math concepts and to play at the same time. Math games are the fun way of  learning  for kids. Some kids waste their time in playing useless games, But interactive exercises of math games provide immediate feedback with the correct answer if a mistake is made. Math games reduces the errors during the practice because they are not like typical traditional homework. There are numerous cool math games to play, so we have listed the best websites which provide some of the  best math games to play. Best math games websites I have listed the best websites for math games. Which can help kids in Learning math concepts. Cool Math games It is simple and as the name says’ cool math games website  provide platform for kids to learn and play the math games and improve their skills . Hooda Math games Hooda Math has over a dozen very attractive math games to sharpen basic math skills, play games and explore new math concepts, they have a huge collection where you can find what math games to play and which math games suits your taste. Math Playground Math Playground is a popular learning website for kids of all ages filled with math and thinking games, step-by-step instructional videos, math practice, and problem solving activities. IXL  Math games Practice makes perfect, and IXL makes maths practice fun! IXL motivates students through interactive games and exercises while keeping teachers and parents informed and involved. AAA  Math games This fully interactive website contain a series of basic math lessons which are a resource that can be used by math...

How to Increase Speed of Your WordPress Website

Website speed is really important and you already know that otherwise you wouldn’t be studying this article right now, so I will take less time to explain why website speed is important and more to elaborate how to increase speed of your wordpress website. Now to just remind you, longer your website takes to load more visitors will leave your website. With more than three years of experience using WordPress, I just found only one disadvantage of using WordPress and that is if your are not taking the right precautions you could end up with a sluggish site that will not only be a hassle for repeat visitors, but will most certainly lose you subscribers and customers due to the impatient nature of web browsers, and in these three years I have researched alot on website optimization to increase the speed of your wordpress powered website. Read the following recommendations carefully if you want to speed up your WordPress website 1. Choose a good hosting provider Choosing a hosting company is really crucial to your website speed, many of the starters choose the shared hosting on bluehost, hostgator and other similar companies. But they does offer fast server response time compared to the dedicated server or VPS(virtual private server). But many of us don’t have a choice in this case because of the short budget but it is always a good idea to upgrade your server as soon as possible, still if you are using a shared host you can take further precautions to optimize your site to load faster. If you are looking for a good hosting provider then I always...
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