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Wi-Fi is a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) technology. It provides short-range wireless high-speed data connections between mobile data devices (such as laptops, PDAs or phones) and nearby Wi-Fi access points (special hardware connected to a wired network). The most common variant of Wi-Fi is 802.11g, which is capable of providing speeds of up to 54Mbps and is backwards compatible with 802.11b (providing up to 11Mbps). There is currently a new standard in the works called 802.11n (offering twice the speeds of 802.11b) and there are already retail networking devices that support its draft specifications. Wi-Fi is much faster than any data technologies operating through the cellular network like GPRS, EDGE and even UMTS and HSDPA. The range covered by a Wi-Fi access point is from 30 to 100 meters indoors while outdoors a single access point can cover about 650...


Analog cellular phones were the first generation while digital marked the second generation. 3G is loosely defined, but generally includes high data speeds, always-on data access, and greater voice capacity. The high data speeds are possibly the most prominent feature, and certainly the most hyped. They enable such advanced features as live, streaming video. There are several different 3G technology standards. The most prevalent is UMTS, which is based on WCDMA (the terms WCDMA and UMTS are often used...

EDGE (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution)

EDGE (also known as Enhanced GPRS or EGPRS) is a data system used on top of GSM networks. It provides nearly three times faster speeds than the outdated GPRS system. The theoretical maximum speed is 473 kbps for 8 timeslots but it is typically limited to 135 kbps in order to conserve spectrum resources. Both phone and network must support EDGE, otherwise the phone will revert automatically to GPRS. EDGE meets the requirements for a 3G network but is usually classified as...


GPRS(General Packet Radio Service), which refers to a mobile or wireless data service, is not the same as GPS, which refers to geo-location. GPRS data networks enable users to access Web data and rich content from their cell phones.( or General Packet Radio Service is a packet-switching technology that enables data transfers through cellular networks. It is used for mobile internet, MMS and other data communications. In theory the speed limit of GPRS is 115 kbps, but in most networks it is around 35 kbps. Informally, GPRS is also called...

Post Animated GIFS On Facebook As Status

First learn: How to Make an Animated GIF Also learn: Facebook Profile Picture Hack Now this is the last article on facebook animated gif series and this one is a real thing believe me it is yet the most awesome thing you can do with your animated GIFS in your photos.I have shown you how to get animated GIFS in your photos if you havn’t read that article then here is the link: Now to post animated gifs on facebook  like a status that the animated images still keep moving as they are, follow these steps.     1. You will need to create an facebook application, don’t worry its not that difficult as it seems. 2. In order to create an facebook application follow this link: and click on Create New App. 3. Give a name to your application and click continue and that’s it its that easy to create an facebook app. 4. Now go to Graph API Explorer by following this link: 5. Now from the top right graph api explorer button select the name of your app you just created. 6. Now after selecting your app click on ”Get Access Token”, now a box will appear you need to check certain boxes in each tab, In the User Data Permissions tab, selectpublish_actions,   In the Extended Permissions tab, you need to select multiple choices. Follow the image below. 7.  After clicking on get access token click on ”accounts” under connections. 8. Now you will need to note the Access token for your page on which you want to post animated pics to.Our page is TheHelptimes so will note the token to that page. 9. Now copy this piece of code to you notepad a...

How To Upload Animated GIFS In Your Facebook Account

First learn: How to Make an Animated GIF Also learn: Facebook Profile Picture Hack A lot of people are interested in GIFS on facebook right now so, i decided to write this useful article for those people who want to upload animated gifs on facebook, and good news is, it is easier then you think. OK lets get to it. You will need: A facebook account, in which you will get your desired animated GIF A animated GIF hosted on facebook already , to get those GIFS visit photos of our page and be sure to like it: or visit photos of this user Google chrome for the sake of simplicity What to do: 1. Open your facebook account and go to your status bar into life events,/travel and experinces,/new hobby. 2. Click on new hobby and then click on chose from photos. 3. consider any photo from there and right click on it and select inspect element. 4. Then open the animated gif you wished to get (that image should be open in facebook), and right click on the image and copy its url. 5. Then go to the page where you inspected element and edit it as a html, and change the url of the image with the url of animated pic! just see followings snaps. 6. Now animated picture will be added to your timeline just open it and tag yourself and the picture will be in your photos. its that easy, for more help here is a video explaining all this process:   Resources And Useful Links: How To Use Animated GIF in Your FaceBook Page How to put Animated GIF on facebook Timeline Cover...
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