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Boost up your Computer Speed

People complains about the  Computer Speed.The main reason behind this   is when you purchase a computer 0r a Laptop  with   for example 1000 Gb hard drive.At that time the computer hard is completely  empty.There is no Data instead of just Windows Files.When we keep Adding the Data in the hard drive it will Effect the speed of the processor.There are four basic things i am going to tell you about how to increase your computer speed. 1st: Always delete the unnecessary  data  files from  hard drive . 2nd: Do not  make Folders on desktop page. Only make one or 2 folder on desktop.It will increase your start up speed.After doing this computer need less time to Start the windows,you can feel the difference after doing this. 3rd: open your run bar from Start menu.Or you Can Just Press Start+r Key Together to open. At the run bar type a file name “msconfing” after typing  this press enter .A Small window will open where you can see tabs like  General ,boot Services,start up etc. Go to start up and un tick  all those files which you think are irrelevant.Like yahoo messenger, Skype. These are the Files which automatically started when computer starts. If you stop all the files to automatically open then i will also increase the start up speed. 4rth: Use system tune up and cleaning software, there are many free software’s out there specially developed to increase the computer speed popular of them are  Advanced SystemCare and CCleaner.You can download these by using these links for free.   If you know More things to increase the Speed of your Computer please share with...

Top 10 Ways To Speed Up Your Website

What really website is: “A Website is a set of pages which include text,photos,video,clips,etc.Website is based on a server which is connected with the internet.The www comes at the start of each web site which means World Wide Web” 10 Ways to Speed up your Website: The time used in loading the website is a big factor affecting the efficiency of the website.Many people Don’t like to wait more then 5 to 10 seconds for the page to be opened.In a result they just close the site.Now we are going to show you the ways how to increase the web speed .These tips are very simple and effecient as well. Optimize Images For Web: It is understandable that the time which a website take to load will Effect its user experiece.In the past few year ago people with Dail up internet use to wait for the website more then 20 to 30 seconds.But now the situation is changed.People… Select Best Image Formats For Web: IMAGE FORMAT: we first discussed the importance of the optimization of the image.which will help in reducing the loading time for the website.After that suitable image format also plays a vital role in boosting up the website loading speed.We… Optimize Your CSS: CSS expressions are evaluated very frequently, so can degrade page performance after it has loaded,Instead use one-time expressions or better yet use event handlers CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) These sheets make websites much more efficient because… Use Slash On Your Links: When a server opens a link in the form of “” it will need to figure what kind of file or webpage is contained on that address, wasting time...

Free Facebook Ad Coupon – Big Break for Small Business

looking for Free Facebook Ad Coupon to promote your business or website then here is a good news for you. American Express and Facebook have joined forces in the name of helping small businesses. Enter the Big Break for Small Business promotion for a chance to win $25,000 and house calls from American Express and Facebook branding experts to help launch an effective Facebook marketing campaign. As tends to be the case with any small business promotion sponsored by Facebook, there’s one additional carrot: FREE FACEBOOK ADVERTISING! As Facebook is promoting and sponsoring  any small business in fact Facebook advertising it for free  (FREE FACEBOOK ADVERTISING!) Of course, it’s not as easy as clicking a link to get that free advertising. You’ll need to follow some certain procedure and show some patience. 1:  Sign Up for the Big Break for Small Business Promotion Go here to get started. It’s a “three step” process that involves details about your business and why you think you’re worthy of winning $25,000. Set aside 5-10 minutes. 2: Watch Four Videos The final step involves watching four Facebook marketing videos that you’ve probably already watched before (I have). Set aside about an hour to watch them, or do what I did and allow the videos to play in the background while you do actual productive things. 3:  Get the Facebook Ad Coupon Code A few things here… First, once you complete all of the necessary steps, you’ll be eligible to receive a $50 Facebook advertising coupon code. If you are an American Express cardmember or merchant, you’ll be given a $100 coupon code. Finally, don’t expect to receive this code...

How to Make AJAX Cacheable

One of the cited benefits of Ajax is that it provides instantaneous feedback to the user because it requests information asynchronously from the backend web server. However, using Ajax is no guarantee that the user won’t be twiddling his thumbs waiting for those asynchronous JavaScript and XML responses to return. In many applications, whether or not the user is kept waiting depends on how Ajax is used. For example, in a web-based email client the user will be kept waiting for the results of an Ajax request to find all the email messages that match their search criteria. It’s important to remember that “asynchronous” does not imply “instantaneous”. Now How to Make AJAX Cacheable: The browser will cache AJAX queries just as it would regular HTTP queries on the client side. To enable this behavior, your application must make use of the “cache control” headers, and the “expires” header when serving the AJAX response. You can also use the last fetch time that’s sent as a request header to determine if you can respond with a 304 response. If you’re mostly concerned with the database fetch time, you can use a query caching system like memcached to speed up responses, or even cache results so that you can quickly send the same body back on the same request set. It turns out that these techniques are exactly the same as standard HTTP, because AJAX is nothing more than regular old HTTP calls that return (typically) JSON, XML or partial HTML content instead of full HTML...

Configure or Remove ETags For Better Performing Website

Etags are often neglected by most of the webmasters but they are important for a professional website or Blog, So Configure or remove them and make this idea clear by following these steps: ETags are used by servers and browsers to validate cached components if you’re using Expires headers the last modified date may be used by browsers to check if the component needs to be fetched, ETags are an alternative to the last modified date the problem is that ETags are constructed to be specific to one server, when a site is distributed across several servers this is an issue there are apache modules that can customize ETags to not be server specific if the last modified date is good enough, it is best to remove...

Minify your JavaScript And Have Faster Loading Website

Minifying your JavaScript is a good idea because It helps your website to have a clean and fluid code resulting in faster website speed, which not only make your Visters happy But also improve your search engine rankings. you can Minify your JavaScript by following: This means you have to remove unnecessary stuff from your scripts, such as spaces, comments etc. this makes the scripts much smaller You can also obfuscate, but the extra savings compared to minification are not worth it, especially if gzip is used You can use JSMin to minify your JavaScript You can also minify inline scripts Minifying CSS is possible but usually not worth...
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