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How to Block/Unblock someone on Facebook

Facebook the most popular social media website in world. Facebook connects People all over the world, people made there communities on Facebook. You can make friends on Facebook and communicate with them you can see whatever they post and they can also post on your wall, some times you make friends, which are fake or any who disturbs you on Facebook  sends you messages which irritates you. You can block these people on Facebook, that’s how you become invisible to them. its simple to block some one on Facebook, I showed in simple steps how to block/Unblock someone on Facebook with video demonstration below. Block someone on Facebook Simple steps how to block someone on Facebook Step (1) : To Block someone on Facebook Open up your profile and go to settings page. Step (2) : To Block someone on Facebook On settings page choose the option Blocking there in Blocking in a Block User part write the name of a person you want to block and Click on Block button like, show below. Step (3) : To Block someone on Facebook Now it will show the list here on list Click on the block to block that person, it will ask you so you have to click on Block  button again. Unblock someone on Facebook Simple steps how to Unblock someone on Facebook Step (4) : To UnBlock someone on Facebook Here you blocked a person you want to, his name will show here you can unblock him see in next steps how to unblock someone on Facebook. Here you click on Unblock button in front of person name to Unblock him.   Step (5) : To UnBlock someone...

Top 5 Smartphones 2014

Smartphones the most popular devices now a days. The smartphone is a devices with big touch screen, efficient operating system like computers and capable of running amazing general purpose apps like hd games in PC. Its difficult to choose which smartphone is the best for use, each has it’s own amazing features but we tried our best to help you to choose the best suitable smartphone for you. I listed below the top 5 smartphones 2014 1. HTC One M8 HTC One M8 is at top in the list because of its amazing features like it’s brushed metal uni-body frame, the dual front-facing speakers of HTC BoomSound brings music and video to life, it is 9.35mm(0.37”) thin and curved for comfortable fit.Discover the innovative features of HTC Sense 6, enjoy loudest audio speakers, and explore its breakthrough dual lens camera with 2GB of RAM, 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 processor and 1080 x 1920 HD resolution with wide viewing angles. Enjoy lifelike graphics from LCD screen. Click here for more>> 2. Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy S5 is at second place, it has beautiful design with great features like HDR(Rich tone) For brighter & vivid captures, Fast Auto Focus Don’t miss the action, Ultra Power Saving Mode, Dust & Water Resistant Made to last longer and stronger and specifications like 5.1” FHD Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080), 432 ppi ,16-megapixel camera and a 2.5GHz Snapdragon processor and its also have a amazing feature of figure print detection. Click here for more>> 3. LG G3 LG G3 really an awesome smartphone by LG. Light weight Metallic design intuitive and aesthetic graphic UI. qualcomm Snapdragon up to 2.5 GHz / Quad-Core processor. LG G3’s...

How To Create a Facebook Account

Facebook the most famous social media website. which has 1.23 billion monthly users and 757 million daily users and increasing on daily basis. It is the place you can keep in touch with your every one  you want to, you can make communities enhance your business by making pages for marketing and a lot of other stuff you can do on Facebook. If you don’t know, how to create a Facebook account? and how to use it?. we are here to help you, we will show you in simple steps how to create Facebook account. Lets create a Facebook account for you. step 1 Open Facebook on any browser you like and fill a form given on Facebook to create a Facebook account, as shown in fig and then click on ‘Sign up’ button. If you don’t have email account and want to create one you can read the article ‘How to create a Gmail account‘ with video demonstration. Step 2 After sign up it will take you to another page like every website to get details about in three steps like shown below. we make a new email account so, there is no one add in it. so, we will skip this step. You can click on ‘Find Friends’, if you have friends in your email account. Step 3 In next step you have to fill your profile info like shown below, then click on ‘Next’ button. Step 4 when you click on ‘Next’ button It will show you people you may know according to your personal information and you can send them request like I send to my friends. then...

Easy Algebra Problem

Easy Algebra Problem – If, 9 * 8 * 7 = 65 8 * 7 * 6 = 50 7 * 6 * 5 = 37 Find 6 * 5 * 4 = ?   Solution :26, (5 * 4) + 6 = 26     See Also:   Lg G Watch Android Wear Moto 360(Smart Watch) Ad Hoc/Wireless(Hotspot) Network  Cheap Word Press...

How to Create/Set up a YouTube Channel (July 2014)

YouTube most famous video website, where every one all over the wold can watch and share videos of every type. Now days a lot of people had made there own channel on YouTube of different types like funny,technology or any random videos, some of them are making good money from these YouTube channels. If you don’t know how to create/set up a YouTube channel lets make it for you. Simple steps: How to Create/Set up a YouTube Channel Step 1 Open YouTube on any browser you like and click on ‘sign in’ button on top right corner of the page. Then a window will appear like below. I suppose you have a Google Gmail account. If you don’t have Gmail account and want to create one you can read the article ‘How to create a Gmail account‘ with video demonstration. so, sign in with your Gmail account, like this. Step 2 After signing in YouTube page will open with a pop-up welcome click on ‘Next’ and ‘Save’ button on popup window. Then on YouTube page click on Thumbnail on top right corner of YouTube page. It will show the options their click on YouTube settings like Shown below, and it will take you to YouTube settings page. Step 3 Here on YouTube settings page we click on ‘create new channel’ button to create new one. Step 4 Next page will be like below, here you had to click on button ‘To use business or other user name ‘ as show in fig below. Step 5 In this page you will enter your channel name and category and then click...

Stop Facebook Auto Video Player By Easy Steps (With Pictures)

Now a days we all are having the Auto video player on Facebook, When ever we open our Facebook page. The Facebook Video player automatically start the video, Which some people do not like. And want to stop this feature. you can Stop Facebook Auto Video Player its simple, Here is the solution for that. Now you can turn off this feature . Follow these steps , Step (1) : Open your Facebook account. There is currently a video in the circle which is active right now. I am going to turn off the auto video player. Step (2) : Go to Settings Go to the settings. Step (3) : Go to the video settings Go to the video Setting option. Step (5) : Turn off the Auto video Player Here you can turn on/off the auto video Player. That was about it, for better under standing, watch the video given below. Let us know what you guys think in the comments below, or if you have any question, about anything then Visit our ||Place For Getting Help|| Section. Have Fun :)! See Also: ______________________________________ Facebook Profile Picture Hack Add Facebook Commenting Android Wear Moto 360(Smart Watch) Math...
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