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DIGITAL SALVATION is Facebook’s latest feature

As we all know that there is a lot of stuff on the face site but could not manage the time to see all that Stuff.Now Facebook has announced a cure for that “Everyday,people find all sorts of interesting items on Facebook that they do not have time to explore right away,” Said Facebook software engineer Daniel Giambalvo in a Blog Post. Now you are able to Store all the Stuff you want to see in your free time. Videos, Pictures, Links, Movies, and Music can be Stored. Now you can save the item you wanted to see in your free time. Now you have an additional option in the drop-down menu button in the top left of the posts to save the valueable stuff to your to-do list. The stored stuff can be retrieved by going in the menu  on the top left corner od the website, There are Periodic reminders of what is in there in to your news feeds.Throught this facebook can sell more advertisement. This Feature will be active for user’s in next few days.          ...

How to Link/Connect TwitteR Account With FaceBooK Profile/Account/Fan Page

Now You Can Connect Your Twitter Account With The Facebook Account Through This App when ever you do Tweet on Twitter it will automatically be posted on your Facebook timeline. If you want to connect with people this will help you to save your precious time. If you are Promoting your page on Social media then this App will help you a lot.Here are the Easy steps what you need to Follow to Active this service. Please remember that through this method your tweet will be posted on your Facebook timeline not vise versa. If you want to Connect Facebook book with twitter account then there is an other method, through that method what ever you will post on Facebook timeline will also be posted on the twitter account. To Learn how to connect Facebook account with twitter account please Click Here. Step (1) : Open your Twitter account and the Facebook Account Open your relevant  accounts you want to connect with each other in case you have more then 2 accounts. Step (2) : Go to the Setting Menu My twitter account is with the name of  Thehelptimes, Once you opened your account then you need to go to setting menu.  Step (3) : Select the Profile Menu In the setting menu you will find a option with the name of PROFILE. Click the profile Button.  Step (4) : Select the Link Option After Clicking the profile button you will find a new task bar will be opened, In the bottom of the page you will find a option stating that to connect your twitter account with Facebook click here....

How to Create/Set up a Gmail Account (July 2014)

Email account is most important thing on cyberspace or web. Email address is like mail box on web and email is like digital messages. But now it’s not just that you need email account to send or receive messages or mails. Like if you wanna chat with friends, download amazing apps/software or other work you had to do on web. You need an email account. so there are different sites which makes an email account for you like Google, Hotmail, Yahoo. But I go Gmail Google account because I think it will provide the best services on web. Lets make a new Gmail email account for you. Step 1 Open any browser you like and go to And here click on Gmail on top right corner of Google. Step 2 Here on Gmail because we don’t Have an Gmail account so we click on create an account button. Step 3 After that a form will appear and you have to fill it like I did, while you fill form you make sure that your your password will be strong, and choose a appropriate user name because it is going to remain with you for a long time. After completing form click on next button. Step 4 After that it will appear like this, if you like to add your photo you can do that for this you can watch a video given below. Then click on next step button. Step 5 Now your Google Gmail account is ready at the end a window will appear with congratulation messages like this. If you to know more like how to send...

Lets Face Facebook: Interesting Facts About Facebook

Facebook top social media website. How it get started?. How it become so popular?. Why it is number one social media website?. You must want to know these thing’s  if you are using Facebook. so, lets face Facebook. How It Got Started It’s all got started because of man named  Mark Zuckerberg.He with his fellow’s at Harvard University make this website to share pictures in the campus but it got viral so, they extended there circle and thought not to bound it for Harvard university. so extended it to other universities. And then made it public so, Know every who is above 13 can make its account on Facebook for free. Why Facebook It is named as Facebook because the publications or directory that most American colleges gives to students at the beginning of the year to help students get to know each other better. So, Facebook was made to know and share things with university fellows so it named as Facebook. Interesting Facts about the Facebook How Facebook Makes Money Facebook makes money from the advertisement like u see in right side on your Facebook homepage, timeline sponsored adds and others like that. That’s how they get revenue from Facebook. Amazing Facts That was about it, for better under standing, watch the video given  below. Let us know what you guys think in the comments below, or if you have any question, about anything then Visit our ||Place For Getting Help|| Section. Have Fun :)! See Also: ______________________________________ Facebook Profile Picture Hack Add Facebook Commenting Samsung Gear Live Android Wear Math...

Top 5 Most Expensive Cars of The Year 2014

No.1: LAMORGHINI Veneno RoadsterB According to LAMBORGHINI  Veneno roadster An open racing prototype with an extreme design and breathtaking performance. It is the one of the world,s most exclusive Car: not more than nine units will be built during  2014. The Veneno Roadster Reaches  to 100 km/h(0 -62) Mph in just 2.9 seconds. Engine: 750-hp, 6.5-liter, 12-cylinder engine. Its top speed is 355 km/h(221) mph. Its Starting price: $4.5 million To read in detail click here. No.2: Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse. Engine: 1,200 hp, 8-liter, 16-cylinder. This car reaches to 0-62 mph in 2.6 seconds. Its  Starting price: $2.5 million. According to Bugatti  its current model is the “fastest production roadster in the world,” having been driven 255.5 375 km/h mph in April 2013. The perfectly designed suspension and precise steering give the car excellent stability even at top speeds. To read in detail click here. No.3: Koenigsegg Agera S   Engine: 1,030 hp, twin-turbo, 5.0-liter V-8. The car reaches to 0-62 mph  in 2.9 seconds. The Koenigsegg agera S has incredible top speed of approximately 440 km/h (273mph). Starting price: $1.52 Million. Koenigsegg’s use of the latest in turbocharging materials and design technology gives the Agera S maximum flexibility when it comes to power delivery.  To read in Detail Click here. No.4: Hennessey Venom GT   Engine: 1,244 hp, 7.0-liter, twin-turbo V-8    The car reaches to 0-60 mph(that is, 100 km per hour) in 2.7 seconds. Starting Price: $1.2 million. Top speed is above 270.45 mph. On January 10, 2013 John Kiewicz drove the Hennessey Venom GT to a new Guinness WORLD RECORD for a two-seat...

Top 5 Graphic Cards 2014

When we talk about Graphic card, the first thing comes in our mind is gaming. Our graphic card is compatible for all high Graphic games or not?. Which is the best Graphic card?. Questions like that will comes in our mind we we plan to buy a graphic card. For your help in choosing best graphic card I listed the top 5 graphic card. GeForce GTX TITAN Z It is a gaming monster, built to power the most extreme gaming rigs on the planet. With a massive 5760 cores and 12 GB of 7 Gbps GDDR5 memory, TITAN Z gives you truly amazing performance, easily making it the fastest graphics card we’ve ever made.This is a serious card built for serious gamers. TITAN Z is designed with the highest-grade components to deliver the best experience, incredible speed and cool, quiet performance—all in a stunningly crafted aluminum case.   AMD Radeon™ R9  295X2 This graphics card is the world’s fastest, period.11 A mammoth eight gigabytes of memory and over 11.5 tera flops of computing power help this card do what it was built to do: be the undisputed graphics champion for a generation. Run ultra settings in 4K with impunity. Or get two million pixels more than 4K by combining five HD screens in an AMD Eyefinity technology setup.3 Either way, the AMD Radeon R9 295X2 barely breaks a sweat. GeForce GTX TITAN Black GeForce GTX TITAN Black is a masterpiece of engineering. Starting with the award-winning GTX TITAN, the Black edition adds 6 GB of frame buffer memory, spectacular performance, double precision and amazing thermals and acoustics. GTX TITAN Black...
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