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How to Increase Google+ Follower

There are currently more than 540 million monthly active user across the Google properties and 300 million Active in Google+ Steam. Google plus user base is approximately 60% male and 40%  female. Google has all the social friendly features like all the other sides as in Facebook, twitter, Orkut, tumbler. Google is also business Friendly to, as Google is the largest search engine in all the times so its better to have a business Page on Google too as like as on the other Web sites. Benefits to Get started with Google plus include 1- Google will improve search engine ranking       2- By building the online brand on Google will help you in SEO Efforts and it will also escalate your web traffic.   So here are some technique through which you can increase your Google+ publicity . STEP 1 : Create a personal profile on Google+ First of all make a google+ profile if you don’t have one. Its Very easy to create Click here to sign up with google+. Step 2 : Make the Google business page Unlike facebook and twitter you can create the business page on Google. If you want to promote a business then it is essential to have a business page on google+.  If you want to make your business page on Google + click here. i have formed  a business page Thehelptimes on Google, you can initially add Thehelptimes Google plus Business page into your Google Plus circle. Step 3 : Ask your Friends to Join you on GOOGLE+ The initial and easy way to increase your Google+ Followers, is to ask your friends to connect with...

What Would Happen if You Use Guns in Space

In space we can float around due to the gravity of earth and the moon. Due to earth gravity people falls but earth moves from its place continuously that’s how they revolve around the earth. lets just see how guns behave on space. Shooting on Moon Moon is small obviously, thing’s will complete its orbit or projectile motion on moon faster then earth. Gravity also had a effect on moon when we shoot on moon with big enough gun at horizontal angle. The bullet can  hit you at back. if it is 1600 m/sec. The Paris gun fires at that speed, so if we hit with that gun on space it can hit you on the back. Shooting to Sun lets you you have a water Gun on space and you hit a Sun with that gun what will happen, normally when we throw a water on fire or something hot it losses the heat. What will happen in the case of sun?. Sun is not a big ball on fire. Sun is powered by fusion. Fusion of hydrogen nuclei. its like bonding in hydrogen and oxygen in water(For more details about fusion you can watch video below). Mass of the stars depend’s on that how hot they burn. if we add water on sun it would be more massive. it will burn more and faster that will decrease its life. There is an other method to put out a sun take water any matter and shoot it into the sun that cause every thing to get spread, so there will be no critical density remain to occur fusion. That...

Best Browser For Android And iOS

We use a lot of  internet on smart phones using different browsers, so which is the best browser for Android and iOS. Here I am going to show you some benchmarks which will help you to select the best browser for Android and iOS. Now these are the benchmarks for Android and iOS respectively. Android Benchmarks There are many browsers we use in Android phones like Chrome, Firefox and Opera. All have there own features which makes them different from others like Firefox due to its add-on’s. but we are concentrate more on speed. We will perform our benchmarks on Android 4.4. Benchmark 1 It is based on peacekeeper and it showed results like that Chrome and Opera are alike but Firefox is bit low. Benchmark 2 It is based on Octane and it showed results like above that Chrome and Opera are alike but Firefox is little behind. Benchmark 3 It is based on SUNSPIDER and it’s results are bit different from others in this Firefox is better then others. iOS benchmarks like Android we use many browser like built-in Safari, Chrome 35, Opera coast 3, and here are the benchmarks which are performed on iPhone 5s having iOS 7.1.2. Benchmark 1 It is based on peacekeeper and it showed results like that Safari is far better then others. Benchmark 2 It is based on Octane in this benchmark Safari amazingly beat others. Benchmark 3 It is based on SUNSPIDER and it’s results are same Safari is far better than others. Other benchmarks HTML 5 Test This test shows  Chrome, Firefox and Opera are good in Android and in iOS  Safari, Chrome...

Goolge+: How to Send a Private Message (July 2014)

Sending a private message on Google+ I had written in simple steps that, how can you send a private message to any of your friend or page. Step 1 You have to create a Google account. I suppose you already have one so, you have to sign in to your Google account. Step 2 Now go to the URL:, now you are at your home page of Google+. Step 3 Then here as shown in the picture below, click on  your status bar. step 4 Now add the names of the people or pages you want to send a private message to. step 5 Now your work is almost done, one more thing you can do to make sure that your private message remain private, go to the top right of the message you just have shared, and click on a little icon which brings the options for the private message you have just shared and from the options select disable re-shares That was about it, for better under standing, watch the video given  below. Let us know what you guys think in the comments below, or if you have any question, about anything then Visit our ||Place For Getting Help|| Section. Have Fun :)! See Also: ______________________________________ Lg G Watch Android Wear Moto 360(Smart Watch) Ad Hoc/Wireless(Hotspot) Network  Cheap Word Press...

How to Become a Web Content Writer By Three Easy Steps

How to Become a Web Content Writer By Three Easy Steps, A website content writer is a person who specializes in providing relevant content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience and requires a different type and level of content  Blog posts, website pages, and articles are the most common examples. You can write contents for any organization on any topic. The more Unique and Helpful your content will be you will be more in Demand. With the help of this article you will be able to write web content. You will become a web content writer.    First Step Select your Topic First you need to choice the topic on which you want to write a article depends upon on your interest. Second Step Where To Find The Research Material Use the Google Search engine to find out the martial for research. Open three to five websites with the relevant information. Thoroughly Read all the Information from the Relevant source.Then Make a Summary in your own words and start writing the contents.    Third Step Do The Proof Reading After writing a article it is very important that it must be free from mistakes and spelling can use the help of different software who can done the work for you in seconds. You can use the Microsoft word to check the spelling .You can use the help of your friend to do the proof reading for you. After Proof Reading your article is ready to Go....

Samsung Gear Live, Android Wear Smart Watch, First Look

Samsung now being the Biggest electronics company in the whole world, tries its hands on anything electronic we can think of. And if we talk about whats trending and whats the future of electronics, Samsung has great teams which make sure that they are not missing anything. Now after dominating the smart phone market, Samsung doesn’t stop and it keep trying new things. So does it made its own smart watches even before the announcement of Android Wear. It also was quite a buzz but it doesn’t left a mark on ever day user. Now after the android wear is announced, Samsung also introduced its new smart watch, which is Gear Live. Lets take a look at its Design, features and specs. Design _________ Features ___________     Let us know what you guys think in the comments below, or if you have any question, about anything then Visit our ||Place For Getting Help|| Section. Have Fun :)! See Also: ______________________________________ Lg G Watch Android Wear Moto 360(Smart Watch) Mouse Lock Cheap Word Press...
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