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Enhance/Improve the Video Quality of Your Screen Casting/Production

Everybody is using internet now a days, and videos are the great way to deliver your message in an interactive way. Then there are different videos types, like film, vlog and screen casting. You can use a DSLR, camcoder or even your smart phone to create films and vlogs. And screen casting can be done by just using a simple software like camtasia studio or snagit, that’s what makes screen casting the easiest of the all. But sometimes we forget that the quality of our production is as much important as the message we are trying to deliver through our video. So there are some fundamental things that you can do to ensure the good quality of your production. Use good gear to record your video, like Dslr’s and high-end camcoders. In case of screen casting use some professional piece of software like camtasia studio or snagit to record your computer screen. Always record in HD. After you have recorded your video use any industry standard software to edit, tweak and add interesting visual effects. I recommend using Adobe primer pro, sony vegas and camtasia studio. Add creative starting and ending clips to show that you are serious about your work. Its also good for branding. After you have done all that, now make sure to render your video in best format possible, do a little research on what kind of format will work best for you. For me Quicktime h.264 encoder work fine, and give best quality to file size ratio. Never lose hope, try to be consistent with your production and their will be alot of things...

Speed Up your Slow Windows Pc the Easier Way

Alright, I know you are frustrated that your windows computer is slow as molasses. Just remember you are not alone, most of us also have placed this problem. But to work around this problem we really need to find what is causing you computer to slow and when we know what is causing our computer to slow then we can find a fix around it. So, I will first consider some of the main things which can cause your computer to slow down. 1. Your Computer Specs If you really have an old school computer with a RAM memory less than 2GB, then there is nothing left to explain about why your computer is slow. Simplest solution to this problem is to get a new computer with good specs, like it should have some latest fast processor like Intel i5 or i7 even i3 is good but it all depends on your budget, then the most important thing which contributes to your computer speed is RAM. Your RAM should be 4gb or above if you want to have fluid experience. If you already have computer with good specs and it is still slow then don’t worry and keep reading. 2. Maintenance and System Care If you have a computer with good specs and still its slow, then you might have noticed that when your computer was new it wasn’t slow and as time passed it started to get slow and even slower. The reason behind this is the poor maintenance of your computer in short you didn’t take care of your computer. For example, when you buy a car. You...

‘Puppy Love’ Amazing New Commercial of Budweiser(beer company)

This amazing new commercial has gone viral, it got 25 million hits on YouTube in just 2 Days. With no doubt the commercial is really heart touching and all that happens in just one minute. In the commercial, we see a very special friendship between the Clydesdales and a puppy. And the song “Let Her Go” by Passenger really suits the scene and for a minuteyou just feel something thats what makes great commercial, well Great. Now with no further due I will let you enjoy the...

Top 5 Free Services to Check your Grammar

There can be alot of reasons for which you might want to check your grammar. Either you can be writing a paper/article and you want to check for grammatical mistakes or maybe English is not your first language, and you want to make sure that what you are writing is correct or not. In both cases Grammar Check Services and Websites come real handy. After reading this article you won’t be searching for grammar check services anymore, because you will find everything you need to know about grammar check services here. Many people have requested me to tell them some service which is more easy to use and readily accessible, in short which is not a website with a side note that it also should be free. Actually I know what the problem is, problem is sometimes you are online and sometime you don’t and sometimes you are not in a mood of opening a website and sometimes you are. So finally I will tell you the fix for all of these situations. Let me just go over to the list of websites which you can use to check your grammar, Websites( online solution) This is a list of top of the line free services you can use to Check your grammar. You don’t need to pay any fee, register or complete any test – you just copy-paste your text and see your grammar mistakes. Easy as pie! 1. Grammar Base Grammar Check   2. After the Deadline Grammar Check   3. Reverso Grammar Check   4. Language Tool Grammar Check   Google Chrome Extensions(Easily Accessible Solution) Grammar Base also...

Google Smart Contact Lenses for Diabetics

Like ‘Google glasses’ Google is introducing an amazing product for diabetics that is ‘Google smart contact lenses’ the them behind Google Contact Lenses is to make diabetic patients life easier and healthy. World wide diabetic patient have a risk of heart stock or other diseases they can get immediate alerts through Google glasses. I have seen people when they had to take diabetes test every time they take  some blood from their figure with the help of needle and its painful. Google Contact Lenses would take this test through tears. it will take a glucose level reading after every second from the tears that wash over your eye when you blink, and transmits that data wireless device like Google Glasses or any smart device. In future it could further be used to take other test then diabetes. It would be a relief for 347 millions people who have diabetes world wide. Google Contact Lenses might even have a  LED that lights up if your glucose level crosses the limits for immediate...

Wanna See Some Cool and Fun Websites

Some times what we all need is some fun, or something to laugh at. So, that’s why I had that thought of making this list of useless but still fun websites, they worth a watch. So guys go and take a look :P Have fun! If You are a Pet Person: Click Here _________________________________________________ Still If You are a Pet Person: Click Here  _________________________________________________ If you Like To Laugh Click Here  _________________________________________________ If You Want to See My Favorite One: Click Here  _________________________________________________ Only If You Want: Click Here...
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